Not being able to lay down…

…really speeds up your knitting ;o)

I’ve had this cough for a week or so and just found out that it’s bronchitis. The newest development over the past week is I’ve pulled a muscle in my chest from all the coughing so laying down hurts like hell (so does breathing, putting on or taking off a shirt, washing my hair and pretty much anything that involves alot of upper body movement, in case you’re wondering…)(and now I can’t wait to see what kind of google hits that sentence brings). So, sitting up all the time leads to knitting…alot. I think I finished these socks in record time (though they are pretty small to begin with). The photo on the left is the cuff of the sock which is done in linen stitch. Unfortunately, I finished the socks so fast that the buttons I need for the cuffs (to hold them closed) haven’t arrived yet!

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