RR learned…

…a very important lesson this weekend.

If your girlfriend is a geek, don’t buy her a strategy game and expect to see her anytime in the near future.

Let me start at the beginning…a while back I found out that I had misplaced the disks to my Civilization 4 game and immediately went into major withdrawals. No other game helped – I tried Rollercoaster Tycoon, I tried Children of the Nile, I even tried Rise of Nations. No luck. I wanted my Civ! I searched the house, the car, even the garage and couldn’t find the damned disks. And, I wouldn’t shut up about it. So today in a burst of kindness, RR purchased a new copy of Civ 4 for me (okay not so much a burst of kindness, more of either buy the game or buy a roll of duct tape for my mouth.) As soon as we got home I installed it – then downloaded a 44mg patch and realized that my graphics driver was out of date and had to download another 8mg patch *sigh* I finally managed to start playing about 11pm – and finished about fifteen minutes ago. Hence the lesson – although right now he is unaware of learning such a lesson since he’s been sleeping for the past two and a half hours ;o) Oh and yes, I won – take THAT Alexander the Great! (yeah, I’m a geek – what of it?)

I’m also feel a LOT better – it doesn’t feel like my ex-MIL is sitting on my chest anymore (which she actually did while I was in labor…long story that involves me and a needle and someone trying to put said needle into my person…’nuf said) and I’m not coughing at 30 second intervals (more like 10 minute ones, but it’s an improvement. Baby steps…) AND I was able to go to the mall today…for a very short visit. ;o)

Okay I’m kind of rambling but in my defense, it’s 2:30am.

So…before I make a complete idiot of myself here is the obligatory knitting content of today’s post – an update on Eris:

I’m working my way around the bottom right now and still have the sleeves and a loss of about 15 lbs to go before this thing is wearable.

No, seriously, I tried it on. Two weeks on the couch ‘feeding my cold’ has led to a bit of a gain. I will be getting myself to the gym forthwith – as soon as I don’t get winded walking across the house, that is ;o) *ahem*

I think that about covers it…ohwait Heide asked how my socks from the last post were constructed – I knit the linen stitch part first, then picked up the stitches down the side, joined in the round and started knitting the sock. If that doesn’t make sense, let me know – again, 2:30am and having trouble with the keyboard and my brain connecting ;o)