The hand carders came today (from the lovely Carole – along with a gift…no pictures but let’s just say there is another shawl in my future – thanks again, C ;o) ) and as soon as I had a chance – after baking a gazillion chocolate chip cookies (Nestle Toll House – from scratch – because I NEEDED cookies) and after RR left for a structure fire in the pouring rain – I pulled Steve out and started making her ready to spin.

Can I just say…I. Love. This. Process. It is very calming for me – and trust me, lately I’ve needed calming just as much as I’ve needed cookies. Steve is liking it too – check it out:

…and the spinning? ooooohhhh it’s like buttah…

This is exactly what I was looking for – nice, fluffy rustic yarn that I can knit into…well…I haven’t decided yet. It’ll be a sweater of some sort…

And yes, Steve is very silky – she got a Dawn bath, two plain water
soaks and then a nice long soak with White Rain Lavender Vanilla
conditioner :o)

Oh and by the way, that is not Dobby‘s room – it’s the ‘game’ room aka the Guest Room. Trust me, her room is not fit to photograph. ;o) We are expecting guests this weekend and believe it or not, she’s been helping me clean – an amazing transformation which, I am sure, I will find the cause of very soon ;o) Or, maybe she’s matured enough to want a clean house for company…or maybe Hell has frozen over and the Devil is selling popsicles…you can’t blame a mom for wishing ;o)

Okay going back to carding…yes, it is 1am but when RR is at a call I don’t sleep ’til he’s safe – especially when it’s a structure fire in another town and I can’t hear what’s going on over the scanner…

ETA: It’s 1:55am and he’s home – g’nite! :o)