What a weekend…

I hope everyone had a good Columbus Day weekend :o)

We were pretty busy this weekend – on Saturday, Cynthia came up for a visit and (after she got lost on her way to my house…) we went to the Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Harvest Festival and spun at Hancock Shaker Village (which was very cool).

First, the Harvest Fest – we didn’t take any pictures, because who wants to see pictures of a bunch of tourists? Right? ;o) We parked two counties away and walked through quickly – I was looking for some fiber but unfortunately found none :o( We had lunch and then got the hell outta there as it was getting more and more crowded…

Then, there was the spinning at Hancock Shaker Village – where I did take pictures. There was only one other spinner besides us, and because I have a horrible memory I can’t remember her name to save my life….

Anyway, pictures:

How’s this for a Saturday Sky?

It was a very good day :o)

Up next…Vermont on Columbus Day and perhaps some knitting…

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