…and the curse continues…and expands…

A while ago I blogged about my bumper sticker curse – I have now learned that this curse has spread to the use of license plate frames.

On Monday before we left for a drive through Southern Vermont I decided to throw on my new license plate frame, newly minted and received from Cafe Press. (I’d show you a picture…but the car is…in the shop.) It reads, “My other car is a Barouche” and RR decided that it is way cooler than, “Knitters are better drivers – actually, knitters are better at everything” which has been on there forever. (I never said he was normal.)

So I blame him for this. Since it was his idea. Kind-of.

On Tuesday when I was leaving to go to the dentist, I started the car and a REALLY LOUD squealing ensued (why was I going to the dentist? Another cap fell out – this one was Karma and another story for another day). The same kind of noise that happened when the power steering went. I opened the hood, checked the power steering fluid. Nothing. Completely bone dry. Not a good sign.

Tuesday night we brought it to the dealer and on Wednesday we learned that the OTHER high-pressure hose had blew AND the pump was shot. Yippee. The pump was covered under the warrantee we purchased, but the hose was not. Hoses are pretty expensive – did ya’ll know that? ;o)

They fixed it and we went up to pick it up only to have it make a completely different squealing noise when I started it to take it home.

If the service department had been open….they would have known just how pissed off that made me. This is the SECOND time we have gone to pick up my car from them only to find a new problem upon starting it (or trying to start it – last time was a dead battery). WTF?!?

SO we found out yesterday that when they put the belt on, they broke the pulley thing on the whatchamajig. Supposedly it will be fixed and ready for us to pick it up later tonight. I can’t wait.

Here’s your eye-candy for today:

The Apple Barn’s Corn Maze