Place yer bets…

….I’m working on a sweater. One that actually fits and is made from yarn that has been in my stash since May 2005. Wanna see my progress? Okay since you twisted my arm…

I’m not sure if I’ll finish this by…well, you know. It’s top down so the body is done and one sleeve was completed earlier today. The biggest obstacle is…it has a hood. Apparently I do not learn from all of my mistakes. We’ll see…if it takes me too long, this thing just might end up hoodless.

When I tried it on this evening and pointed out to my lovely daughter that I had already completed one sleeve, she decided to point out that, “now you get to knit the other one…” She’s lucky she runs fast and I’m still recovering so I can’t catch up. (oh, the latest? I have asthma. And some kind of bronchial spasm thingy going on. Still coughing, just not as much. Yee. Ha.)

That’s all I’ve been knitting this week (I cast on last Saturday while Cyn and I were watching Memoirs of a Geisha…no wait, I cast on earlier that day, it was during the movie that I had to rip out like four inches of knitting. SO glad I remembered that.), all socks have been shoved aside – Bayerische keeps glaring at me from her end of the couch. I think she’s feeling abandoned. Oh well, she’ll get over it. This is a Rhinebeck sweater, after all ;o) (oh and if the weather here gets any colder ya’ll are going to need long johns for this shindig…just sayin…)

I also wanted to show you that RR can clean up very well (since I showed you how filthy dirty he can be whilst being a firefighter):

This is how he looked on his way to working the annual steak dinner tonight – however, I’m betting he returns sweaty and dirty…again. ;o)

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