Can’t talk…knitting…

…my progress so far:

The hood progress:

That marker is the 6.5″ mark, which is halfway to when I’m supposed to start making decreases, which is about 10 rows, after that I graft the two halves of the hood together.

Remember what I said about hoods being HUGE? Let me give you an example. This hood is 80 stitches across, roughly half of the stitches that are in the body of the sweater. This section is knit in stockinette to 13 inches (I’ll probably do 14 because I like a little bit of droop in my hoods – and I don’t like the number 13), then there is another inch or so of decrease rows. 15 or 16 inches of stockinette. It IS half a sweater! I knit all day to get where I’m at right now – and half my problem is I suck at purling. *sigh* if I didn’t really like how the damned thing would look I would have just done a collar.

Okay now that I’m done whining…back to knitting…

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