More Spinning….and Socktoberfest Questions – Part 2

I did a bit more spinning – and here are the photos for your Eye Candy Friday:

Used to look like this…

…now looks like this…

…and this.

This is 4oz of Spunky Eclectic’s generic wool roving in Neopolitan. I Navajo plied it and ended up with 263 yards – which means I’m getting better! The last time I Navajo plied 4oz of fiber I ended up with 150 or so yards :o)

I had RR help me skein this on my new 2 yard niddy noddy that I got at Rhinebeck – here is how our conversation went at one point:

RR: My arms hurt.

Me: I’m almost done.

RR: I thought you bought something that does this automatically or something…

Me: Um…no, those are like $150+

RR: Well don’t you own 16 of those things? Isn’t that about the same, cost-wise?

Me: Smartass. I own one. I’m using it. It was $14.

RR: Well…hrm.

…guess what MacGuyver is going to try to rig up for me? ;o) I wonder if he’ll inadvertently set something on fire this time…

Okay now for Socktoberfest questions/answers:

Lolly has asked…

Where have your handknit socks been?

Mine have been to Mass S&W, the Father’s Day car show, Disney World, the Lake George Car Show, VT S&W, Hot & Hazy II (in upstate NY), Rhinebeck ’05 and ’06, the dentist countless times, the doctor’s office – pretty much anywhere my car has been, they’ve been. If I leave the house without knitting I freak – and socks are always my on-the-go project.

What is the furthest they have traveled?

That would have to be Florida – I knit on my STR club socks while waiting in line at Disney World ;o) If RR and Dobby had let me, I would have been spindling, too ;o)

For those in the area, this Saturday is the Franklin County Fibertwist. It’s supposed to be cold and raining on Saturday but I’ll be there – Dave might have my wheel ready for me ;o)