I’ve always had a problem with my follow-through…

…whether it was tennis, horseback riding (did you know there’s a follow-through element when you’re jumping? Yeah, well, there is and I suck at it.), gymnastics (same with gymnastics, here I was thinking that landing on your FEET was the follow-through but noooooo…) or homework (no comment), I always had issues with the follow-through. Now I’ve managed to bring that to my knitting and knitalongs.

Hey, at least I’m consistent, right? ;o)

In the month of October I managed to start a sweater, a shawl (it’s called a scarf, but it’s a shawl), and three pairs of socks.

I finished the sweater – and one sock. Yes, one. At least it’s knit out of my handspun so it has an element of ‘coolness’, however, a pair it is not.

Personally, I like it. It’s the first thing that I’ve completed (okay, HALF completed) out of my own yarn. MY yarn :o) Did I mention this is my yarn? That I made it? (you can’t see it, but I’m grinning like an idiot every time I say that, hehe)

Wanna see where I’m at with the other two pairs of socks?

Bayerische on the Left – Elfine on the Right

Yeah. I suck.

On the Ene’s Scarf front…we’ve had a bit of a hiccup.

While I may have an issue with my Socktoberfest follow-through, my an*l-retentiveness knows no bounds. (there are those who will attest to this). I made it most of the way through the first chart and noticed a slight ‘issue’ in the last three diamonds on the Left side of the shawl. While it might not have been slap-you-in-the-face noticeable to the general public, every time I looked at it….*sigh*

So I ripped. Then I picked up stitches. Did I mention that I didn’t put in a lifeline? um…yeah. There was much swearing, but I am very proud to say that I am now done with Chart 1 and onto Chart 2 and my diamonds are distinctly diamond-like ;o)

You may want to avert your eyes…the carnage in this next photo is a little…startling…

…did somebody order spaghetti? ;o) (btw, those are DARK chocolate M&M’s, thankyouverymuch!)

I hope everyone is having a happy and somewhat uneventful Samhain :o)

(I don’t want to over-load the blog entry, so my ‘roses’ handspun will be up next…)

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