Because you asked so nicely…

…I managed to get a few photos of the hat ;o)

But first, I’d like to thank Bloglines again for screwing up again. I’ve had to console poor RR all evening because Dobby got 17 more birthday wishes than he did. This only happened because fricken Bloglines didn’t see his birthday post no matter how many times I pinged them (of course, I told him it was because there were no hat pictures, because we all know you guys only come here to see my damned fine knitting…and spinning *grin*). Damn you Bloglines! Now I have to make him another cake!


(I’m joking – he is very happy with the birthday wishes he received and would like to thank everyone :o) )

Anywho – here he is, all hatted up:

…and the bored ‘when the hell are you going to be done taking pictures of me’ shot:

I made The Hat with plain ole Cascade 220 in some kind of blueish-gray color that has been discontinued. You should have seen the look of panic in his eyes when I told him to never, ever, under any circumstances put it in the washer. As he staggered away in shock, I think I heard him muttering something about vacuuming it when he gets home from work (yeah right, like he knows where the vacuum is *snort*) ;o)

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