I think we’re set…

Every year I ‘do’ Thanksgiving. Every year I have a mental meltdown about six days before Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it. If I didn’t ‘do’ Thanksgiving and if I didn’t have that meltdown, it just wouldn’t be the same. (believe it or not, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite Holiday, hands down. Seriously, even Christmas comes in 2nd.)

So this picture reflects my mood at this point regarding The Big Day pretty accurately. Do you think if I give everyone enough beer they won’t notice that they’re only getting turkey and no sides? ;o) Or, do you think if I drink enough beer I might relax about this? (yeah. right. There isn’t enough beer on the planet.)

Have a good weekend, everyone! I’ll be here…breathing into a paper bag (and drinking) while I search the Food Network for recipes and go over the six magazines I bought (yes, this includes the Martha Stewart one. Shut up.)