Dear Mr. Doubty-Pants (aka RR):

I understand that you are a very busy man. You work 10 to 12 hours a day, crawling through basements, attics and hidey-holes. You climb ladders, you use loud power tools and you deal with annoying people.

I know that you do not have alot of ‘down time’ and I respect that.

So I normally don’t ask you to do…much. Okay maybe I ask you to do a bunch of stuff and maybe half of the time it’s okay when you don’t do it and I end up doing it anyway.

However, when it comes to putting stickers on my cars would you please, PLEASE for the love of Mike or Pete or whomever is popular that week, believe me when I say that when I have to do it SOMETHING IS GOING TO FALL OFF the vehicle.

To you I now submit Exhibit A and B:


A: License Plate Renewal Sticker


B: Spot on seat belt where plastic doo-hicky stopper thingy used to reside.

I put the sticker on the car on the 1st. The plastic button thingy on the seat belt fell off today, on the 6th (which I learned while driving down the road at 45 mph trying to put on the seat belt. I was in a hurry, k?). It took less than a week this time and thank the Lord it was only a little sticker.

Yes, as you pointed out so astutely last week the sticker is not technically ON the car. Well, the license plate frame isn’t technically a sticker and a week after I attached that to the vehicle THE POWER STEERING WENT. *ahem* Sorry, lost my temper there…

All I’m asking is that you take the curse seriously. There’s a proven chain of events fer chrissakes! I mean, I believed in your ‘one last’ curse with no reservations, didn’t I?


Jessica R. aka JessaLu

P.S. Have a good trip to NYC – btw, I put that little sticker you bought at Lake George last summer on the inside of the door like you talked about (you know the sticker – the one that says, “Note to Self: Don’t eat pink insulation. NOT Cotton Candy.”). Let me know what falls off… ;o)

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