Your eye candy this Friday is brought to you complements of Scout’s handiwork:

This is her Fraises Des Boise colorway and her merino/tencel yarn. So soft…so pretty…oh the possibilities! Nobody dyes like Scout (notice I said the same thing about Marie – every yarn artist paints differently and has beautiful and unique colorways) ;o)

Kinda sucks that I have to put this aside to work on blues…or greys…*sigh*

Update on the sticker curse…nothing else has fallen off the car *touch wood* – and RR is somewhat frightened of how Jessie’s mind works ;o)

Oh and how about this Anna Nicole Smith thing? What a tragedy. Also, is anyone else out there totally SICK of the freakin’ jewelry commercials? I thought there might be a break after the Xmess season…but I forgot about Valentine’s Day…I might snap soon…

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