Good – no, GREAT mail!

The highlight of my weekend was getting the mail on Saturday and finding a package from Carole:


I won a contest/quiz at her blog a while back and this was my prize – a skein of Cherry Tree Hill and two candy bars (*cough* yes, there seems to be only one in the picture…). Amazingly enough, Carole sent the one skein of yarn in existence that has brought RR to the point of actually voicing a wish for socks. I’m stunned. Almost speechless, even. Almost.

Thank you, Carole!!

Also, we were catching up on some Law & Order watching this evening – did anyone else notice that Cary Elwes (aka Wesley) was on L&O SVU a week or so ago? How cool is that?

…and I’d like to share the teen observation of the day:

When asked to start the El Camino: “uhmmm…how do I do that? I mean, it’s OLD!” (It’s a late 1970-something. RR started to tell her it was a hand crank but she wasn’t getting it…)

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14 thoughts on “Good – no, GREAT mail!

  1. Hmm… Very nice haul! I may just have to include some CTH as one of my prizes. (Drool) Oh how Cary Elwes brings that touch of lust out of some of us. Btw, tell her that it’s not an El Camino, it’s a Subaru Brat… ;)

  2. Moody Blues! What’s not to like? I have 3 skeins just lounging around.

    WhatEVER could have happened to the chocolate bar?

    Yup. You NEVER win anything! LOL!

  3. Oooo. Lovely. I was looking at some Cherry Tree Hill last night at my LYS (which is now in a dangerous location…on my way home from work). They didn’t have a color that I was in love with enough to spend the money. They had a lot with black, and I was looking for more springy. Heh heh. Love that one you got though, it is a great color. :)

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