Well crap…

“7F89C19F” (ignore this – trying to claim the feed…again) A couple of nights ago I was sitting on the (new!) couch watching TV when my Left toe started to feel…a breeze.  This was not good since I was wearing socks.  Handknit socks.  My Pomatomus socks, to be exact.  As we all know, you are not supposed to feel breezes through your handknits.  Unless it’s lace…but usually, since it’s lace, that’s a planned occurrence…*ahem* anyway…back to my nightmare.

I didn’t want to look.  But I had to look.  You know that sinking feeling you get when you know you’re about to find out something not-so-good?  Yeah, I had that.  Times one hundred.  Since, in case I hadn’t already mentioned it, these were hand. knit. socks.

I removed the sock and inspected the damage:


The first thought that went through my mind was, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  The second was, “F*CKING ORIGINAL WOOD FLOORS.  I HATE. THEM.”  Then, “WE ARE GETTING CARPET.”  Then I calmed down and realized that #1 we can’t afford carpeting and #2 I can probably fix this (okay and the floors are really pretty.  Not as pretty as my SOCKS but pretty nonetheless).  I don’t *want* to fix it, but I can.  Fortunately, one thing I haven’t been able to perfect in my sock knitting is the ability to use up every inch of yarn from the skein.  Thank God.  I searched through my leftovers and managed to find this:


(lip stuff included to show actual size) Do ya’ll think that’s enough?  I’m thinking since the hole starts after the beginning of the toe I can rip back and re-knit it.  I don’t know if I can do the darning thing…I have a darning egg and I’ve seen my grandmother do it but that doesn’t give me the ability to actually do it.  I also do not, under any circumstances, want to FUBAR this sock.  They’re one of my top five favorite pairs.  They’re also only one month old.  WTF?

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29 thoughts on “Well crap…

  1. Darning is a really good skill to acquire. You can do it so that it barely shows, but since this is on the bottom of the foot it might be better to reknit it for comfort sake. I don’t envy you having to find your way back onto that chart!

  2. Oh! You can do it! I’d probably reknit since my darning skills are the pits. You can always use a different color for the tippy-toe. No one will see it in your shoe. *g*

  3. Oh man, that is really a pisser. And they’re only a month old? You can learn to darn, I have faith in you! And then you can teach me! See, we all win! ;)

  4. It looks to me like there is enough there to reknit the toe. I tried darning a hole once and it looks ok but I can feel it a little bit, so I assume I didn’t do it right.

  5. we have hardwood floors too and i love ’em. i hate carpet…just looking at it my mind races, thinking of all the little critters and dust bunnies that might possibly live there.

    fingers crossed for the sock surgery!

  6. Just so’s you know, carpet is actually worse! Nylon eats wool! So reknit your toe, I’m sure you have enough there, and enjoy your floors. I’m envious. I have carpet all over and have to wear shoes over my handknits at home, blech!

  7. Deep breath. Now, go here. Really good instructions; I’ve used them. Nothing to it. (And carpet is really rough on socks, too. You can get some sort of slipper to wear around the house over your socks. I used to have an ugly pair til they fell apart.)

    Good luck!

  8. Eeep! I’m sick for you! I don’t know what to do in this case, but whatever you do, if it works, I’m sure we’ll all be anxious to know what to do when it happens to us.

    P.S. I’ve still never been able to claim my feed in bloglines. Ugh…

  9. You can do it!!
    If my Mom can take an intarsia sweater (that she had put away w/o moth proofing the container) that was knit bottom up… and wrip out the bottom half and re-do it due to moth damage… I’m 100% sure you can darn this!
    You go girl!!

  10. Maybe you caught your sock on something sharp (like a splinter in the wood or something)? I ruined some handknit socks a while ago by catching them on a little sharp thingy that was sticking up from the edge of the carpet.

    I vote for ripping and reknitting. If you don’t think you’ll have enough yarn, you could measure what you’ve got and then see how many sts you get per ft. Then if you count how many rows you’d have to rip (and how many sts/row) you should be able to estimate whether you’ll have enough.
    I have found that darning a) is a pain in the butt, and b) takes far longer than expected.
    But good luck with whatever you decide.

    Loving all the new formatting, by the way.

  11. Oh thank goodness! When I saw the hole I thought “MOUSE!”. So, in retrospect, a wooden floor is rather tame.

    How’s about some slippers, girl?

    And good luck with the sock repair. I’m crossing my fingers to help extend your yarnage.

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