She did it…she did it…

I didn’t think she’d do it but indeed she did… (my apologies to Frederick Loewe). So, the big news is… I fixed it! Witness:


I tried to darn it – but just ended up swearing (I think I figured out how it started being called ‘darning’). I just couldn’t wrap my brain around duplicate stitch from left to right. THEN I read the directions again – slowly this time – and found the step I missed: turn your work upside down so you continue to work right to left. *smacks forehead* ow.  Someday maybe I’ll learn how to read directions…

So, next time I find a hole in my sockage I might be able to do the darning (after the screaming stops, that is). Thanks to Deb and Alison for sending me in the direction of the HJS Studio site – and to everyone else who told me where to go…er, I mean told me where to look for directions on the darning and for all the moral support ;o)

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31 thoughts on “She did it…she did it…

  1. You are amazing.

    Hey, my husband is out of town this Friday night and all day Saturday. I’m considering a gathering of bloggers. What do you think?

  2. Hey Jessa, great work on dealing with the sock toe problem–you’d never know it! And Pomatomous is a pattern dear to my heart in the way of problems! Mine are felted. Ahem. Not as pretty and not as well-fitting. Anyway, I also hopped over here from the Rockin’ Sock Club to tell you I drive through GB often as my folks still live in MA and I’m in NY. If you ever want to hook up to knit socks (if there’s a toddler-friendly way to do that), lmk!!

  3. Woo hoo congrats they look great! I have a pair which I think are getting frightfully close to having a hole…maybe I should try and reinforce them before they rip? Nah I’ll wait til they do and then I’ll HAVE to do it!

  4. Beautiful job of darning. I’ve never tried but know that one day I’ll be faced with that issue. I am really impressed. You can’t tell that the sock had hole issues!

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