Gentleman  Gentleman 

Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks, started February 22nd, 2007, finished March 7th, 2007
Pattern: Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Tropical Storm (from Carole)
Needles:  KnitPicks Size 1 (2.5mm)
Dimensions:  10″ from ribbing to heel;  10.5″ from heel to toe
Pattern Notes:  This pattern calls for a Dutch Heel which was interesting to do for the first time. However, I don’t think I’ll use it again since it creates seams under the heel where you put your weight which can’t be comfortable.
Would I knit it again?  Yes – if only to hear RR’s reaction again. After the ‘photo shoot’ was done I said, “okay, take off the socks so I can wash them.” to which he replied without hesitation, “no. MY socks.” methinks he likes them ;o)

This pattern kills two stones with one bird…er…reverse that…it counts for Project Spectrum as well as for the Knitting Vintage Socks along.  Yay!  I finally contributed to an ‘along’!  Now I need to go dye something…I’m so far behind on Twisted Knitters it’s not even funny.