Gentleman  Gentleman 

Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks, started February 22nd, 2007, finished March 7th, 2007
Pattern: Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Tropical Storm (from Carole)
Needles:  KnitPicks Size 1 (2.5mm)
Dimensions:  10″ from ribbing to heel;  10.5″ from heel to toe
Pattern Notes:  This pattern calls for a Dutch Heel which was interesting to do for the first time. However, I don’t think I’ll use it again since it creates seams under the heel where you put your weight which can’t be comfortable.
Would I knit it again?  Yes – if only to hear RR’s reaction again. After the ‘photo shoot’ was done I said, “okay, take off the socks so I can wash them.” to which he replied without hesitation, “no. MY socks.” methinks he likes them ;o)

This pattern kills two stones with one bird…er…reverse that…it counts for Project Spectrum as well as for the Knitting Vintage Socks along.  Yay!  I finally contributed to an ‘along’!  Now I need to go dye something…I’m so far behind on Twisted Knitters it’s not even funny.

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21 thoughts on “Finished!!

  1. Less than two weeks? I think I’m going for the “takes longest to knit a pair of socks” record ;-)

    RR’s socks are gorgeous! Love the colourway!

  2. Very nice, and I love the CTH colour, it’s such a great yarn. I’m with you on the Dutch heel, fun to work the first time, but not as comfortable as a regular heel. Good work on finishing up for an “Along” :).
    Karin (from Vintage Socks)

  3. Wow! Beautiful colorway! And so fast! How did you knit them so fast? Do you knit English or Continental or hypercaffeinated??? ;-)

  4. Great socks! It’s awesome that he likes them a lot. I made one pair for my husband and he hardly ever wears them. I can assure you he won’t be getting any more.

  5. RR says:

    mmmm socky !!! comfy…and hand made by my honey….. but she wants me to wear them to work …. that would perhaps kill them ….. home slippers .. now thats the plan … thanks fer da slippies Hunny B

  6. The socks look great. And that seam doesn’t look too thick (at least in the picture). Maybe it won’t be that noticeable when worn for a while? What does RR say about it?

  7. I agree with the comment about the heels, some of heels in that book have a seam which I’m not too crazy about. But the socks look very comfy. I love CTH!

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