How Much…

…sock yarn do you think a basket can hold?  This one is 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep:

Sock Yarn

 I put the 57 skeins of yarn that reside in it into a spreadsheet today and guess what?  The total is:

8.23 Miles

My mind is officially boggled.

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18 thoughts on “How Much…

  1. I’ve been inventorying my stash and I’ve amazed at how much yarn you can fit into a small space–especially sock yarn! However, the “yarn mileage”? I’m stunned!!!

  2. I love to see all that sock yarn in one place. ;) What does it say about me that 8+ miles of sock yarn doesn’t sound like so much? lol

  3. That’s a fair amount of sock yarn to hold in one basket. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to put all your yarn in one basket? ;)

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