This Weekend I learned…

…several things:

  • I hate Ajax coding with the fire of a thousand suns.
  • Sometimes you just have to rip.
  • Tax Season…it’s not for the weak-hearted.  Wait.  I already knew that.
  • Our semi-local W*lm*rt should not be visited after dark. 
  • No matter how much you wish it so, sometimes your STR club package just isn’t going to show up in this millenium (or at least it feels that way after you’ve heard that people in New freaking Zealand are getting their packages and you haven’t gotten yours yet).
  • Same goes for the shipment of a new toy.

Okay so I’ve been attempting to install this really cool comment expanding plugin thingy since Friday.  I have done everything the directions call for and then some.  I have tried every configuration possible.  It does not work.

What. The. Hell.

I think I might have to just accept the fact that you all are going to have to suffer with the frustration of a reloading page when you submit comments, I just can’t get this to work.  Stupid thing.  Oh who am I kidding, I’ll keep working on the damned thing ’til I either get it to work or throw the ‘puter into the street.

03-08-07-008.JPGNow on to the fun portion of my weekend.  Friday night I was working on my leaf lace socks when I decided to try them on…did I mention that I was halfway through the foot – and these are top-down socks?  Yeah.  Well…didn’t fit.  It took me five solid minutes to get them on and RR’s help to get them off – which took even longer because he just wouldn’t stop laughing at me.  Nice.  It then took me all of 3o seconds to decide that I just couldn’t go on – especially since you just couldn’t see the pattern because of the yarn, it was way too busy (I 03-08-07-009.JPGthink I was influenced by Karen’s recent decision to rip her socks).   So five minutes after that I had a nice pile of spaghetti – which can’t be knit into anything.  After a nice long soak in some hot water with lavender Eucalan it calmed back down and got pretty again.  Back into the stash it goes since I have no idea what it wants to be right now – I have to find a pattern that won’t be overpowered by the color changes.

03-11-07-020.JPGAfter all the ripping excitement, Roger and set out on our hot date of the week – going grocery shopping at the Super W*lm*art in East Greenbush (which is actually pretty close-ish and very easy to get to from our house for those who know where we live…).   After stopping for dinner, we ended up arriving at the WM around 8pm – and everything was fine ’til around 9ish when it got…scary.   Keep-your-hand-on-your-pocketbook-at-all-times scary.  The best part?  While checking out I said to the cashier, “How are you?”  to which she replied, “FINE.”  oooookay then.  Moving on…

Now as for my STR club package…I’ve been keeping mum but…I’m starting to get not happy about it.  There are people who are done with their socks.  DONE.  There are people on the complete utter opposite side of the world who have their socks.  Do I have my socks?  That would be a no.  I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a sign that I should have not been in the club this time around – which was the plan until RR forced me to sign up.  That’s it.  I blame him.

Regarding my new er….acquisition – it was supposed to be shipped on Saturday.  Since there is still a big chunk of change in my Paypal account I’m going to continue under the assumption that it did not get sent so I won’t even have that to keep me occupied while waiting for my STR…ohwait, maybe if I worked on the big *ss pile of expense reports that I (finally) received last week from my client so his taxes can get done on time I might not think about the sock yarn or the new toy. 

Yeah. right. 

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21 thoughts on “This Weekend I learned…

  1. I’m so sorry you haven’t received your STR package yet! It would seem they’ve been a bit overwhelmed by postal issues, insufficient binder issues, weather issues…. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get it tomorrow!! Maybe you’ll be one of the first to get the second round…?

  2. Oh that is so frustrating. It is vinegar in the wound to see other people have finished their socks already. They have had a rough time of it at Blue Moon this round. Hopefully it will get to you in the next day or so.
    Your yarn looks like it recovered very nicely after its bath. It will make something lovely another time. The colourway is awesome.
    WM can be a real pain in the *ss. We just got one here and everytime I go to it’s painful. Ah well.
    It looks like you got the comment feed fixed – did you? If not, don’t worry. It was really quick to load tonight.

  3. My STR package apparently arrived on Saturday–on Long Island. I’m up here in Vermont. I won’t be able to get my hands on it until just before midnight Tuesday. I really think that you’re going to get your hands on yours before I get my hands on mine.

  4. This is the worst time of year.

    I’m just saying that because it’s really hard to wake up in a great mood because (a) the trees are budding out or (b) the rain-soaked grass smells wonderful or even (c) it’s cold enough to finally break out the handknits after a hot summer. Because none of that is happening. Nothing but mud.

    March sucks.

    And the taxes don’t help.

    None of this means anything except that the normal frustrations of everyday life are magnified in March because there are none of the perks to make things more tolerable.

    Did I mention March sucks?

  5. I finally got my STR on Sat. I was feeling the same thing–like I wasn’t meant to be in the club.

    I know the ladies have been having trouble and I totally sympathize. But still, it just doesn’t feel as fun and special as I thought it was going to. I keep wondering if I should have spent the money on straight up sock yarn.

  6. It’s always frustrating to rip socks. I had to admit defeat on my entrelac socks a few weeks ago. I was in denial about whether they would fit and finally had to admit that “no, there is no way I can fit these over my foot”. Technically, I haven’t ripped yet, but they do have to be ripped. The sock is still laying in my basket looking lonely. So you’re one step ahead of me.

    Hope you get your STR package today! (I *finally* got my copy of Favorite Socks and love it!)

  7. I would call Blue Moon if you haven’t gotten your package by this afternoon. People have been getting them for over a week now.

  8. I’m so proud!! The ripping hurts, but not as bad as finishing a whole pair of socks and never wearing them because they don’t freaking fit. Sigh.

  9. I had the same problem with those socks/that pattern. I finally broke down and bought the yarn called for. And haven’t looked at them since.

    I hope your goodies arrive soon :(

  10. Sorry about the ripping. I hate ripping…well I hate the waste of all that time knitting for nothing. I did some ripping this weekend too, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. Sob.

  11. :(
    Whatsss that saying, a ‘watched pot never burns the popcorn’?
    I bet as soon as you stop watching the mail, it will show up.

  12. I hate it when bad things happen to good socks. You must be somewhere around me if you go to the super wally in E. Greenbush – I mean I’m sort of close-ish to that one.

    I did not sign up for the STR club this year. Considering I only knit one pair from last year I probably have a years worth of socks yet to do. Yeah I’m quick like that. Hopefully your package shows up soon, the waiting is the hardest part.

  13. Manise says:

    I only just got my STR here in MA. I’d rather savor it and knit it up at my own pace. I haven’t cast on yet. I’ll wait until you get yours- okay? There are people who live on the West Coast (Oregon) who still haven’t gotten theirs. I wonder if they mailed them out in alphabetical order. It is hard though when everyone else has it and blogging it- makes one feel like odd man out. Like Carole said call them up- the whole process has been whacky from the get-go. Hang in there :-)

  14. I know STR are supposedly awesome, but is it worth all of the frustration? When they offered to sell to retail stores, I was on it like white on rice. Never even got a response from them. Grrr.


  15. Even scarier than the late-night crowd? The midday midweek uh, senior, crowd. They may be older and wiser, but they’re also meaner! They have no qualms about running over a woman and baby that gets in their way!

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