ETA:  I received my STR club package in the mail today – apparently the original package was lost in the mail somewhere (and anyone who has read my blog for at least a year  knows my relationship with my mail lady so you then know who I am most suspicious of…).  Since it was lost, they sent me a new one as soon as they received their new shipment of notebooks.  While I am very appreciative of their efforts and know it wasn’t their fault AT ALL I still feel a bit meh about the whole thing.  All the anticipation that was unfulfilled until now and the three glimpses I had of the yarn on blogs where the owners had posted pictures helped me feel a little ‘out of the loop’ shall we say (the PMSing and the tax season stuff and the fact that it’s March which apparently DOES suck didn’t help, either).  I’m hoping the next package brings back the magic…

I’ve been a little distracted over this past week – for a couple of reasons.  First, in case you all have forgotten, it is tax season.  My life sucketh this time of year.  I’m sorry that my blog life is suffering however, sacrifices must be made.  I miss you all – and as soon as my head is back above water I’ll be writing and commenting regularly again ;o)

03-15-07-001.JPGI’ve also had another little distraction – okay so it didn’t actually show up ’til yesterday afternoon but I’ve been distracted waiting for it to make an appearance.  When the UPS guy appeared from the back of his truck holding the box I flew out of the house and started clapping like a five year old who just got her first look at the tree on Christmas morning – now he thinks I’m nuts and I’m hoping he’ll stop hitting on me ;o)  (lil creepy to have your UPS guy tell you that he’d be happy to fill in if your BF isn’t around anymore, ya know?  No, he’s not the quintessential ‘cute’ UPS guy, either.)  Once I got the box in the house – and located the camera so I could record this auspicous event for you all – I ripped it open and spent like two seconds looking at the directions (RTFM?  Me? I think not.) before I started pulling stuff out and unfolding and assembling and admiring…and looking at the directions again…

After an hour I had this – meet Amelia (or Margaret, I haven’t decided yet):


She’s beautiful, isn’t she?  She’s also mine.  Only mine.  Never used by anyone but ME – which is important since I’ve only owned used wheels prior to this.  My Lendrum (Brigid) and I never really connected since she had ‘issues’ from the start that I did not notice prior to purchase – since I had ‘wheel fever’ – my dad and RR worked hard to help me fix her and get over my ‘issues’ with her but the bloom was off the rose (so to speak) and I never really loved her as she deserved.03-16-07-004.JPG

Amelia/Margaret and I are having a few little issues (WHY do all my wheels chatter?) but RR is helping and I’m learning – and oiling – and she’s quieting down slowly but surely.  There are moments that all she does is whisper and that warms my heart and gives me hope that eventually that’s all she’ll do.

I’m already halfway through a 4 oz hank-o-BFL in the ‘Petunia’ colorway from Spunky Eclectic and I’m producing singles faster than I have on either of my other wheels (my fourth wheel doesn’t count, it’s being held hostage in the Northeast Kingdom – does Dave ever return emails?) and I’m pretty certain I’ll have some finished yarn by the end of the weekend.

Roger is also sharing my joy in the new wheel ownership – last night when I dragged him away from his ‘puter to help me figure out the chattering issues he remarked, “Do you buy these things just so we can have something to do together?”

 Yes, dear. ;o)

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28 thoughts on “uhm….hi…

  1. She is beautiful! I think most wheels have things to work out when you first get them. Me, I really, really need to replace the axle on it. I’ve had the replacement axle for over a year but can’t quite get myself to take it apart and put it back together again. *sigh* So it wiggles a fair bit when I am spinning.

  2. Oh, to have a guy like RR! If it had been here, there would have been talk of too much stuff taking up too much space and how you could only use one at a time and the rest would just have to hold clothes that otherwise would be on the floor ;-)

    Hope you find the love soon ‘cos a year (?or is it 6 months?) is a long time!

  3. I’m glad you finally got your STR shipment. I know what you mean about the anticipation thing. Two weeks pretty much killed it for me. I didn’t even open the box as soon as I got home. I also hope that the next shipment is a much better experience!

    Congrats on your lovely new wheel!

  4. I think that’s just so SWEET of you, to find things you can do together . . . because, naturally, there’s no OTHER reason you would have treated yourself to a new wheel, right?? (grin) Congratulations!

  5. Nice wheel! Do you think you could get him to help you with yarn so that could become a purchase for togetherness? I wonder how that would work with my DH?

  6. So glad you got your STR shipment. I seriously was thinking about you and wondering while I was listening to a podcast last night who mentioned the STR club.
    Your new wheel is pretty. Can’t wait to see what you make on it.

  7. Congratulations on your new wheel. From the looks of the beautiful yarn produced on your older wheel though I would never have guessed that you two didn’t “hit it off”. I can’t wait to see what you spin up now. I’m still searching for that ever-evasive spinning wheel nearby. I thought one was lined up last weekend, but the lady sold it before I arrived at her house. Hope you enjoy your weekend and that the STR package arrives soon.

  8. Goodness. What a dreadful time you have had with your mail delivery! Wellll….have you seen YarnHarlot’s STR sock? If not check it out – might just cheer you up.
    Yay! Margaret (I’ve made up my mind apparently ;-P ) looks beautiful. Awww RR wants to do projects with you. What will you two do next?

  9. I love the way you justify your accumulating collection of wheels. :-)

    The wheel that’s at Dave’s: Is that the one you dropped off at VT S & W? In September? That only needs $40 of work? Well, of course the only thing to do is buy a new wheel. It’s so obvious.

    Glad you are enjoyin it!

  10. Lovely Sonata. If your treadles creak it helps to loosen the screw a little before you wax/grease so it gets way up in the works, then tighten back up.

    Can’t wait to see what you name her.

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