Most People…

…use a ruler to measure how much snow they get in a snowstorm.

We use the dog.


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22 thoughts on “Most People…

  1. Interesting system of measurement, and quite international. I adjusted mine to 2 Cocker Spaniels and 1 Collie last year. :-))

  2. That’s pretty good- I guage it on the ability to drive up our driveway without sliding back down. Or whether I have to kick it into 4-wheel. Or we just swing by the beach and see how high the waves are.

  3. So glad you posted the pic, I was dying to see it :)

    And personally, after a week in 80+ degree Florida I am SO glad to be back in the snow!

  4. We use our bird feeders to measure the snow. Unfortunately this year, the squirrels could feed off the feeders due to the amount of snow we received. The baffle could not stop them!

  5. Well, you know, whatever’s handy! For me, it’s getting my dog to stand still long enough for the photo that’s the problem….

  6. RR says:

    umm perhaps your mistaken … that there, IS the RULER !! hheehee princess reigns the kingdom … soon enuff she’ll on the porch in the sun .. gazing over her kingdom….. (pic to follow)

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