…Beanie here. Momma is all distracted with her new whee (and neglecting my cookie distribution schedule – which is very upsetting) making yawns out of the fluffy stuff that I like to nap on. I don’t know why she needs to use a whee to make yawns, since yawns just…happen, at least they do for me, especially when it’s way past my bedtime.

Thanks for all the comments from the last post – I like hearing how cute I am. :o) Usually after Momma or Daddy tell me that I’m cute I get a cookie…just sayin’

For the record, I hate snow. Especially when it comes up over my head and I can’t walk through it or go potty without Daddy having to dig a path for me. I’d also like everyone to know that when we get alot of snow and Daddy hasn’t had a chance to make a path I have to try to walk through the stuff and IT’S COLD and Momma laughs…but then she feels bad and I get a cookie…and if Daddy doesn’t see her give me one, I get another cookie! (I like cookies…)

oh I gotta run…Momma heard me typing…it takes forever when you don’t have a thumb to push the space button…maybe if I look cute enough I’ll get a cookie and she won’t check the ‘puter…?

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13 thoughts on “Hi…

  1. I’m not going to pretend to understand why your Momma needed to buy a new whee to make yawn! So much easier to just look at the pretty pictures on the computer and whip out the credit card ;-)

  2. I like your accent Beanie! Maybe someday your mom will explain the facts of wheel life to you. Then you can explain it to Moxie, K?

  3. It’s okay Beanie, you poor thing, my Lola likes the snow but she has to walk under the eaves of buildings when it rains so she doesn’t get wet. She still gets cookies though, wet or not.

  4. YOU DON’T LIKE SNOW?? How can anyone not like snow?? It’s fun! It’s fluffy! It tastes good! Mommys can make balls out of it to CHASE! It’s, it’s…. wonderful!! It makes my tail wag all the time. And, you know, it’s really not that cold if you keep playing….. Just saying….

  5. Oh, you are pretty cute for sure………….I think I might have a little pupper crush…….

    Your friend,
    Bella, professional dachshund
    (P.S. My mom’s been pretty busy too……….)

  6. Your too cute Beanie! Gabby dosn’t like the snow either. This last snow was bad because of the coating of ice on top. Everytime Gabby tried to come running into the house she slipped and went head first into the snow! Hope your mom’s able to stop playing with her wheel long enough to give you a cookie.

  7. Beanie is adorable, and I loved his story! Thanks for your comment on my blog today. The monsoon colors aren’t really “me” either, but I’m finding they stripe “okay.” One of the ladies at church asked if I were knitting jungle camouflage socks. She said they would match her son’s cammies perfectly! I think I’ll just wear them with my greenish sweater instead.

  8. I’ve seen Beanie, she could miss a couple of cookies. She is starting to get a little pudgy. I really wish you would take pictures of her trying to walk in the snow. I can just imagine the expression on her face.
    Give her hugs & Kisses from Noni (Say Hi to Heather too!)

  9. Dear Beanie,
    I think you are really cute. If I were there then you’d get a lot of cookies. In fact, your dad would have to find a wider shovel to dig your potty path.

  10. Beanie you are the cutest blogger ever!
    If I was with you you would be getting a cuddle and a cookie – well, cookie first then a cuddle.
    I hope you get a path cleared soon – how undignified! Humans eh? They’re easily distracted.

  11. I will share my cookies with you. In fact, you can come and live with me if you want. But, we have lots of yawns here too. And you get yelled at if you even look like you are going to breathe on it.
    But, I have lots of toys to play with. That loud kid wins them in machines at the grocery store and brings them home for me. It almost makes me forget how much he loves to annoy me. He’s okay most of the time though, and if there’s two of us, we can double-team him!!
    Let me know if you wanna get away from the snow…it’s 75 degrees and sunny here. We have lots of pollen too, so bring allergy meds!

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