…Beanie here. Momma is all distracted with her new whee (and neglecting my cookie distribution schedule – which is very upsetting) making yawns out of the fluffy stuff that I like to nap on. I don’t know why she needs to use a whee to make yawns, since yawns just…happen, at least they do for me, especially when it’s way past my bedtime.

Thanks for all the comments from the last post – I like hearing how cute I am. :o) Usually after Momma or Daddy tell me that I’m cute I get a cookie…just sayin’

For the record, I hate snow. Especially when it comes up over my head and I can’t walk through it or go potty without Daddy having to dig a path for me. I’d also like everyone to know that when we get alot of snow and Daddy hasn’t had a chance to make a path I have to try to walk through the stuff and IT’S COLD and Momma laughs…but then she feels bad and I get a cookie…and if Daddy doesn’t see her give me one, I get another cookie! (I like cookies…)

oh I gotta run…Momma heard me typing…it takes forever when you don’t have a thumb to push the space button…maybe if I look cute enough I’ll get a cookie and she won’t check the ‘puter…?