Did you know…

…that the latest cover of Spin-Off has a pair of socks that were dyed, spun, designed and knit by none other than the lovely Kristi – how cool is that? Dobby is now completely convinced of my insanity because when I got my copy I ran around the house showing it to her, RR and the dog. Both the dog and RR were pretty impressed ;o) I have a feeling Dobby will be more impressed when she turns 25 and becomes human again…

ANYway, in her post about her cover debut she mentioned that she’d finally feel that it was ‘real’ once she sees it on the newsstands. I think she mentioned B&N specifically…so, since I aim to please and will use any excuse possible to go into B&N (especially with RR since when I go with him…he pays) here you go, Kris…I braved being committed by RR, the evil eye from the manager and the crazy controls on my camera phone to bring you:


…the latest Spin-Off on the magazine rack at the B&N in Albany, NY. Congrats again!! (go congratulate her – what are you waiting for?!) (and aren’t those socks gorgeous?!?! They’re part of the reason why I broke out the Kool-Aid the other day – beside the sheer desperation to have new roving any way I could other than buying it, that is…)

Oh, and here is a bit of cuteness for you…taken for La’s foot thingy but then not posted…


Why not posted, you ask?  Because I’ve been busy.  with taxes.  and clown poop.  Going back to the taxes now…

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12 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. Love the doggy paw! Confused about the clown poop. The sock is awesome and kudos to Kristi. Tell Dobby that she’s lucky to be alive… I’ve heard that tax preparers & collectors have been known to eat their young, but only while the bones are still soft.

  2. Those are fab socks. I’ve got some sock roving waiting to be spun that *might* become these if I can spin thin enough.

  3. Wow… I had no idea that the managers at the B&N in Albany were so mean. And to think, I’ve been shopping there for years!

  4. Oooooh, gorgeous socks indeed. I’ll be heading over there. I have some cat feet I never posted — maybe this can be extra-long paws week.

  5. Dobby says:



  6. Pretty socks! Big congrats to Kristi too. Now clown poop? I gotta hear about this one. And I think Meredith likes the needles. She just gave me a big thank you and quick hug.

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