Picture Day!

Eye Candy:


Thanks to everyone for commiserating with me regarding the latest hole in the sock episode.  I said last time that it was my wood floors that contributed to the destruction and I believe that the floors are the perpetrators of this crime also.  I’d like to submit Exhibit A:


…and Exhibit B:


See the big chunks missing and the ragged edges?  They tend to catch on socks…and this section of the floor sees the most foot traffic.  Guess what just got added to the ‘House Upgrades to do this Summer’ list?

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9 thoughts on “Picture Day!

  1. That looks like the floors in our old house. I recommend throw rugs and/or slippers.

    Unbelievable roses. What was the occasion?

  2. Yikes, that floor looks like a real sock killer! What beautiful roses. They really set off the lovely Fiesta in your display case! Was it your birthday or did RR feel guilty or romantic? Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Thank goodness you added that to your list – though, that might be a big job — it will be gorgeous when you are done. Did you see the YarnHarlot’s posts about her reno?
    I love wood floors but when they are destroying hand knits that is a Problem.
    Your roses are stunning!

  4. Eep. Ragged floors are terrible. All my store-bought socks have holes probably from my own bedroom floor, and I’m trying to be careful with my knit ones. All the little edges!

  5. OK, so they are a bit “rough” but I would take that any day over what they sell nowadays which totally lack character!

  6. I love the look of your floors. Perhaps some felted slippers for all are in order? You can make them more durable by putting the dip for tool handles on the bottoms… It would certailny be cheaper than replacing a floor! :-)

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