Three Months…

I’ve never participated in a fiber diet – I never thought that I would be able to stick to it. I have a mighty trigger finger when it comes to buying roving…or pretty much anything I can spin that has pretty colors ;o) Actually, my fiber stash is much smaller than my yarn stash… hmmm…maybe I should have gone on a sock yarn diet instead of a fiber diet….naaaahhhh you can never have enough sock yarn ;o)

Anywho, I did it. In January I said I’d not buy anything fluffy and formerly attached to a sheep ’til April 1 and I managed to stick to it. Even when Scout had drool-worthy pomegranate roving (some of which I will own…soon), when Pippi updated her site…when Amy updated her site…and the absolute test of my resolve…Grafton Fibers. Each time I clicked the window closed. Each time after I finished sobbing over my keyboard in self-pity I went to my plastic tub in the ‘game room’ (which we still call Dave’s room…long story) and looked at my stash and felt just a teensy bit better. I’ll admit, right after looking at my roving collection I checked how many days I had left ’til I could let loose the trigger finger again.

Then I’d get an email from Karen. Or Cyn. The Fiber-Sireeens. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing they didn’t know my lust for Crown Mountain Farms pencil roving (some of which I will also own soon) ;o)

What helped me stick to it the most? That would be the 29 people who guessed on which date I would crumble. I have to thank you all for challenging me to not add to my pile. If it weren’t for this contest I probably would have purchased something a month ago. Thanks guys!

Oh yeah, the contest…

…you probably want to know who won…right?

Well, Jen guessed that I’d go all the way – and she was right – so she is our first winner. Yay Jen!! Congratulations!

Our second winner was drawn by a randomizer. I used the numbers next to the comments in the original post (if someone left two comments I went by the # by the first comment) and the number that popped up is….



Let me know if you want sock yarn or roving for your prize package! Okay…going back to troll Ebay now… ;o)

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18 thoughts on “Three Months…

  1. I won? Me! I won! YAY! I’m proud of you for sticking it out, now go out and splurge! :)

    So I get to pick between sock yarn and roving? I don’t know how to spin, so sock yarn for me!

  2. Way to go!!! Congratulations – sorry I sold you short. You rock! Talk about self control. Cannot wait to see the fibre – let the shopping begin.

  3. YAY! You went all the way! Now that takes some will power. I am sticking to mine so far too. I haven’t bought any yarn…except the one ball needed to be able to finish a project. At least I got it 40% off at ACMoore, so I think I only paid $3.

    Congrats to Jen and Woohoo to me too!! Sock yarn baby!
    Your new blog page is very cool looking by the way. Really like it!

  4. So glad you made it! Sticking to a yarn/fiber diet is very hard. I did one last year and decided I won’t do it again simply because I discovered it’s my one real vice. (Well, that and books.) I don’t buy expensive clothes or jewelry. Pretty yarn (and fiber) is about it for me so I won’t deprive myself again. Granted, my stash is growing faster than I can knit, but hey, it’s still not too huge yet and I usually don’t buy a lot of yarn that I know I’ll never use.

  5. Congrats on making it. I keep vacillating on whether I should do something like that. But, ultimate I think I do it when I need to and treat myself when it is time. It works. My stash isn’t too crazy.

  6. Way to go! I totally underestimated you, what did I guess, like January!? Ha! I must have been confusing you with me. I wouldn’t have lasted two weeks.

  7. Yay! I’m happy you made it Jess. Back to trolling ebay? That sounds a bit dangerous after your hiatus doesn’t it? ;)

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