Three Months…

I’ve never participated in a fiber diet – I never thought that I would be able to stick to it. I have a mighty trigger finger when it comes to buying roving…or pretty much anything I can spin that has pretty colors ;o) Actually, my fiber stash is much smaller than my yarn stash… hmmm…maybe I should have gone on a sock yarn diet instead of a fiber diet….naaaahhhh you can never have enough sock yarn ;o)

Anywho, I did it. In January I said I’d not buy anything fluffy and formerly attached to a sheep ’til April 1 and I managed to stick to it. Even when Scout had drool-worthy pomegranate roving (some of which I will own…soon), when Pippi updated her site…when Amy updated her site…and the absolute test of my resolve…Grafton Fibers. Each time I clicked the window closed. Each time after I finished sobbing over my keyboard in self-pity I went to my plastic tub in the ‘game room’ (which we still call Dave’s room…long story) and looked at my stash and felt just a teensy bit better. I’ll admit, right after looking at my roving collection I checked how many days I had left ’til I could let loose the trigger finger again.

Then I’d get an email from Karen. Or Cyn. The Fiber-Sireeens. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing they didn’t know my lust for Crown Mountain Farms pencil roving (some of which I will also own soon) ;o)

What helped me stick to it the most? That would be the 29 people who guessed on which date I would crumble. I have to thank you all for challenging me to not add to my pile. If it weren’t for this contest I probably would have purchased something a month ago. Thanks guys!

Oh yeah, the contest…

…you probably want to know who won…right?

Well, Jen guessed that I’d go all the way – and she was right – so she is our first winner. Yay Jen!! Congratulations!

Our second winner was drawn by a randomizer. I used the numbers next to the comments in the original post (if someone left two comments I went by the # by the first comment) and the number that popped up is….



Let me know if you want sock yarn or roving for your prize package! Okay…going back to troll Ebay now… ;o)

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