The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Truly Terrifying

(with a nod to Carole for GBU)

When you become a parent there are many things that you think about and try to plan for that you know will happen in the future. You look at your innocent little child that has yet to learn to walk or talk or talk back and look forward to the years ahead with anticipation. You know that there will be obstacles and milestones and you think that it will all be okay. That the bumps in the road ahead can’t be anywhere near as bad as your parents have warned. More importantly, that there is no way this innocent little child could become the terror that you were as a teen.

Yeah, right. Your ‘rents were right, it CAN be that bad and yes, you CAN worry that much.

Guess who’s going for her road test Tuesday morning? If you guessed Dobby you get a gold star. If she passes her test this will open up a whole new door to our lives. A whole new dimension, even. A dimension where my lovely daughter who cannot pay attention enough to be able to pass a Geometry test or remember to put away ALL the dishes in the drainer will be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unsupervised.  There is not enough fiber or sock yarn in the world to keep me distracted enough to not worry about this one.

Be afraid, Western Massachusetts, be very afraid.

So now we come to it, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

The Good: We will no longer have to drive to town in the dark, freezing night to pick her up from work. We have someone to send to the store to buy milk!

The Bad: Now we will worry from 9pm to 9-whatever (and I know you’re reading this, kiddo – it better be before 9:30 if you’re working ’til 9) about whether or not she will make it home okay.

The Ugly: Do I actually need to spell it out? UNSUPERVISED, people!!

The Truly Terrifying: The idea of getting ‘that’ call. You know the one. ‘nuf said.

So by the time you read this she’ll be taking the test…I hope she passes.  Because I don’t want to have to deal with her if she doesn’t.

Wish her luck – wish us all luck. Oh, and if you live in the western half of the state…you might want to move. Or stay home. ;o)

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16 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Truly Terrifying

  1. I hope the test goes well for her and for you, my deepest sympathies. I’m finally over the first one learning to drive just in time for the second one to begin next fall. Argh!

  2. AYEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Good luck!
    BE SAFE, you don’t want your mama being a nervous wreck.
    And don’t forget to stop at the yarn shop on the way home, your mama deserves a treat. Heck, she is going to need at least a little yarn to help keep her distracted!!

  3. Good luck Dobby! Good luck to you as well Jess. I can only imagine the worry. I have 5 1/2 more years until my daughter gets her license and the thought terrifies me!

  4. Oh dear! I hope that the driving age here in Washington is raised to 18 before my girls are 16. Personally, I was an idiot behind the wheel of a car and seeings how we live in a populated area, not the cranberry bogs where I grew up, these memories have me terrified of my girls getting behind the wheel.

    It sounds like you’ve got your head on straight and the blinders off though so maybe Dobby will be okay. I wish you prozac or Guinness in the meantime for sanity.

  5. Good luck Dobby! I hope you pass (because I’m far, far away in Louisiana!) No, seriously, you’ll do fine. I failed the first time, and almost failed the second time. (I was one of those smart kids with no common sense). Just be careful and if you are going to be late, CALL. :)

  6. Good Luck! I’m already worried and I have about 10 years before my oldest child gets a driver’s license (I remember what I was like).

  7. I know your fear! Looking into my baby’s blue eyes I can already envision him behind the wheel of a car filled with teenagers, or ignoring me while he talks on the phone, or not saying ‘no’ to a friend offering him a butt, joint, or worse. Why isn’t there some way to hold them close to you forever?

  8. Good luck Dobby! I only have six more years of waiting to not have to drive mine around but I know I will worry more than the not driving will be worth.

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