Guilty Pleasures…

…mine used to be sock yarn all the way. Then I bought a spindle…then a wheel…then another wheel…then another one fell into my lap and now I’m on my fourth. To keep all these wheels happy a spinner needs to have an inexhaustible supply of stuff to spin…right? So that’s all I’m doing…keeping the wheels happy. At least, that’s what I’m telling RR ;o)

Here is the first installment of the mini-series I’m calling “JessaLu loses her mind and control of her debit card after three months of keeping it in check”:

Crown Mountain Farm Haul

Clockwise from upper right:  Pencil Roving in Tibetan Dreams; Pencil Roving in  Tourmaline and Superwash in Blue Suede Shoes from Crown Mountain Farms

My other guilty pleasure lately would have to be Dancing with the Stars. At first I was only tuning in to see if Heather Mills’ leg would go flying off and hit Bruno in the head (I wanted to see what he would call it…a missile from…what? Quit looking at me like that, you know you’re curious, too) but now…well, it sucks you in. Last week the geek in me was both thrilled and appalled at Joey Fatone’s Star Wars Routine and you just know there were bajillions of geeks out there drooling all over his partner’s Leia-as-Jabba-slave outfit. This week…who knows?  Now you know where to find me on Monday and Tuesday nights ;o)  Anybody else want to own up?