Guilty Pleasures…

…mine used to be sock yarn all the way. Then I bought a spindle…then a wheel…then another wheel…then another one fell into my lap and now I’m on my fourth. To keep all these wheels happy a spinner needs to have an inexhaustible supply of stuff to spin…right? So that’s all I’m doing…keeping the wheels happy. At least, that’s what I’m telling RR ;o)

Here is the first installment of the mini-series I’m calling “JessaLu loses her mind and control of her debit card after three months of keeping it in check”:

Crown Mountain Farm Haul

Clockwise from upper right:  Pencil Roving in Tibetan Dreams; Pencil Roving in  Tourmaline and Superwash in Blue Suede Shoes from Crown Mountain Farms

My other guilty pleasure lately would have to be Dancing with the Stars. At first I was only tuning in to see if Heather Mills’ leg would go flying off and hit Bruno in the head (I wanted to see what he would call it…a missile from…what? Quit looking at me like that, you know you’re curious, too) but now…well, it sucks you in. Last week the geek in me was both thrilled and appalled at Joey Fatone’s Star Wars Routine and you just know there were bajillions of geeks out there drooling all over his partner’s Leia-as-Jabba-slave outfit. This week…who knows?  Now you know where to find me on Monday and Tuesday nights ;o)  Anybody else want to own up?

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29 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures…

  1. I’m with you – I watch Dancing With The Stars! I enjoy watching people stepping outside of their comfort zones and trying new things.

    I was so impressed with Heather last week. I knew from her previous dances she’d turn out a good performance – I never expected to see her jumping from the stage and bouncing around as much as she did in her jive!

  2. Beautiful rovings! I have to admit this year I got sucked into Dancing with the stars as well. I hadn’t really watched it the past seasons. However due to the lack of nothing new to watch on Mondays and Tuesdays I started to watch and now I’m hooked.

    Happy Spinning!

  3. Well, you deserved a “prize” for making it through your three months fiber free!!!

    And yes, of course, Pea and I tune into Dancing with the Stars each week!!! (After all, we’ve been taking ballroom lessons for three years.) I sure don’t mind watching Apollo shake it each week either. :)

  4. I am guilty. I am getting my dh into it too by making him watch Ballroom movies–Mad Hot Ballroom, Take the Lead, etc. I love this stuff. I am very supportive of Heather Mills. I don’t vote for anyone because I don’t have that much love for writing the phone numbers and trying to dial in with the rest of America.

    Your new fiber is spectacular. I agree, keep the spinning wheels happy and employed.

  5. My guilty pleasures are definitely reading blogs and watching Unwrapped on Food Network. I even watch back episodes. I love that show.

  6. After much taunting from hubby over my America’s Next Top Model addiction, I have to hide my love of this show as well..They’re both set on record so I can catch up when no one is looking!

    Blue blue blue-I love blue. Can’t wait to see them spun out!

  7. I have managed to steer clear of Dancing with the Stars this season but only because I only turn the tv on for DVDs. However, I have kept tabs to see if her leg falls off, I figure the video would be all around the net if it does.

  8. Oooooh very pretty! And you’re absolutely right. You must lay in a supply of fiber for the wheels, which really, everyone should have more than one. I admit to ordering a new one on Sunday :)

  9. Jess … admit you are powerless over the wheels. You need help, probably financial. You are the boss of the wheels, ask your higher power (the great Alpaca goddess) to give you the courage to be the boss of them.

    We are American Idol folks ourselves but I’m totally You-Tubing it the day her leg goes flying. Also (hang my head in feminist guilt) I LUUUURVE Wife Swap.

  10. Oh my goodness – you are too funny. If her leg does go flying off you know you better tell us about it so we can link to YouTube.
    That StarWars Tango was kinda cute.
    I can’t cope with these shows though – way too much chatty talk. Same with all the new game shows – the dithering the people do. Jeopardy is more my style. To the point – except for the little stories in between rounds.
    I love all of your rovings. Three doesn’t seem bad at all – there must be more to come! Can’t wait.

  11. I confess to watching that show…only when B is not home. He mocks me ENDLESSLY and I cannot enjoy it in peace. I totally started watching fro the exact same reason you did and got hooked.

  12. Love the new fiber acquisition. Especially that Tibetan Dreams.. swoon!
    As for Dancing with the stars.. not I. I’ve never watched it. I’ve avoided it purposely. The husband and I however just last week got sucked into a show on Discovery called The Deadliest Catch. Not something I would normally watch, but its addicting.

  13. I’ve had to stay away from Crown Mountain – too many pretty things! Only until the MD S&W is over, then maybe I’ll order something if I don’t come home with *too* much.

  14. I’m planning on ordering from Crown Mountain next week. Seeing all your lovely fiber is making me want to put in an order right now!

  15. i started watching dancing with the stars because of paulina poritzkova. did you know she’s a lover of fiber and yarn? i was so disappointed when she got kicked off first. i haven’t really watched since though. sometimes i’m a little embarrassed for them. know what i mean?

  16. Heh, I did an almost identical post about Dancing with the Stars a little while ago. It’s an absolute guilty pleasure, but I am really enjoying it. :) Embarassing though… :)

    Lovely Roving…

  17. Hello. My name is Sandy and I am a reality show geek. I watch Dancing. And I love Joey and Ian. I watch American Idol. And I hate Sanjaya. I watch things like I love New York. Big Brother….
    Oh, I need to stop or I’ll lose ALL respect!
    Glad to have some company!!

  18. Beautiful roving. You deserve it ALL – I mean, what with tax time stress AND all of the NOT buying.

    Top Model – like a train wreck. I love the dancing shows (which, gag, includes Pussy Cat Dolls. I mean, it’s all about the DANCING!)

  19. Hehe…I’ve been curious to see how much damage you did after your self imposed fiber diet ended. This was a very nice start!!

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