…more. Here is the second installment:



Here we have (clockwise from upper Right) Romney in ‘Sour Grapes’, Superwash in ‘Castaway’ and Merino/Silk in ‘Emma’ from Spunky Eclectic.

This is not all, either. There will be at least two more installments – and I think RR might be taking away my card. Little does he know that I have the number memorized! Muahahahahaha!!!

Hey, I survived yet another tax season, I deserve this, dammit!! Oh did I mention? Today is the last day of this lovely season from hell and I’m DONE. Yay! All K1’s have been mailed, emailed, faxed and re-faxed to all the wonderfully (im)patient (and somewhat rude at times) partners.

Maybe I should go buy some yarn to celebrate – I heard a rumor that there are new colors up on the Blue Moon site and I have a 10% off coupon from the first STR club package that’s been waiting patiently for just such an occasion…

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22 thoughts on “Behold…

  1. Pretty pretty! I am hoping I can make the 28th. I have to be good because I plan to spend TONS on May 30th. Not sure if you knew about the VA Tech shootings, but I know you are a Hokie by relation. Hugs to you on such a horrid day.

  2. Merino Silk? That sounds luxe. How will you choose what to spin first?
    I couldn’t help but notice from the comment before mine that you have a connection to VA Tech. I hope you are well and that your loved ones are safe.

  3. I’m drooling over here, too. Make me buy some fiber at CT, will ya? I think I’m leaving my credit card downstairs before I make a trip over to Blue Moon…

    I was thinking about you and tax season yesterday. Seems folks panic near the end, don’t they?

  4. At least two more installments?? I’m so proud, I am getting a little misty eyed. You know how to end a diet alright.

    Pretty fiber!

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