…I may have a future in the field of dentistry. Never mind that I can’t stand the sound of the drill, the smell of burning enamel, blood or needles – I have the magical ability to make temporary tooth cement bond permanently.

Last Thursday while innocently chewing a piece of gum I had a crown come off. Thankfully it was one that covers one of my implants* so it didn’t hurt, however it made chewing kind of difficult. So I decided I’d use the temp bond that I had from the last crown that came off to put it back on until I could get to the dentist to have it fixed. Today was the big day – I went in to have the crown taken off and put back on again and guess what? My dentist couldn’t get it off…there was pulling, twisting and I think a pick and crowbar were put into use at one point to no avail. Amazing. The last time I used this stuff the crown popped right off when I went it for the fix. I wonder if it reacted with the metal differently…who knows?

Glad you all appreciated the heads up on the STR colors – I’m happy to enable whenever I can! Stay tuned…there will be more fiber photos and a SIP picture coming up…and maybe some spinning if yer lucky ;o)

(*for those of you new to the blog, I have had extensive dental work done over the past two years – including two dental implants, lots of crowns and bridges. I’m all done and happy except for the temporary cement holding everything in which is slowly being replaced with permanent. You can see my first post about it here on my really really really old blog)
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7 thoughts on “Evidently…

  1. LittleMan is going to have some dental work done in May (my poor baby!). Maybe I can just come see you instead. I’ll pay you in yarn!

  2. What is it with that temporary stuff that holds when you don’t want it do but doesn’t when you do? I’ve had my own battles with it as my teeth have taken some of my yarn money!

    Thanks for the tip on the STR. I had to order two skeins :)

  3. What is it about me that makes me click on a post about dental work descriptions even though my skin is crawling? Is it that same thing that makes us look at accidents? Do It Yourself Dentistry. When you start performing your own surgery, I’m going to call the nice people with the soft voices and the white coats! :D

  4. It’s like when there is something wrong with the car, but when you take it to the mechanic the car won’t make the noise. I hate when these things get fubar’d.

  5. I saw the new colorways… I wish their stuff wasn’t so droolworthy.

    So if the dentist couldn’t pry it off, what can you do to fix it? Or is it now fixed just as is.

  6. Ooh, I feel your pain. While Taz and I were disporting ourselves at Children’s I missed a dental appointment — just for a cleaning, this one, but I’ve had a few dental debacles of my own, although not to rival yours.

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