Now that my stash has grown…

…to alarming proportions, I am finding that I go to fiber festivals more so to connect with other fiber-holics more so than to acquire ‘more’. I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve reached SABLE status…but I will say that whenever I look at my fiber closet run amok I get a little…astonished.

The highlight for me this past Saturday would have to have been seeing all most of my New England fiber-friends and being able to introduce RR to this part of my life that he has never experienced up-close and personal. (My God the grammar in that sentence is awful – I’ve tried to fix it like seven times.  I’m sorry, I have failed.  I cannot fix it.  *sob*) I loved seeing you all and hearing all your wonderful complements on my shawl. Which shawl, you ask? This one (details here):

FBS on a Bush

I tried to take pictures of it on me, got frustrated and threw it on a bush. Much clearer photo this way ;o) Let’s move on to the parade of new toys, shall we?

Even though my stash has reached a level that continues to astonish me, I did manage to purchase a few things in CT – although I did walk away from a fleece that I should never have walked away from because RR was giving me ‘the look’ (you know the one…the one he throws at me when he’s on the verge of beginning the old chestnut, ‘This is why we are not *insert ‘M’ word here* lecture’ which, while being my personal favorite second only to the ‘Where have all the towels gone’ rant, is not a path I wish to wander down in the midst of a fleece sale). After a year of fruitless searching, I finally found a shawl pin that I liked at The Wheel Thing booth (along with two bobbins for Amelia – and yes, that is a shawl close-up. Multi-tasking photography, gotta love it!):


I also re-stocked my supply of merino/tencel from The SheepShed (since I spun and knitted my last 4oz into my FBS (see above)) – this is 4oz of the ‘Dusk’ colorway:


Last but definitely not least, I purchased two batts from Linda at Grafton Fibers:


The absolute best part? Getting in the car and having RR ask me, “When is NH? Do I have that Saturday off? You know, I wouldn’t mind going…” Yay!!! This means you all were a hit and did a great job not frightening the new guy! ;o)

One more thing, I received my STR club package – you can see the contents here if you’re curious!

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22 thoughts on “Now that my stash has grown…

  1. I can’t argue with your choice of purchases, even if you didn’t technically need any more. I don’t know if I ever commented on your FBS; that is a major handspun accomplishment (esp. during tax season!).

  2. The picture does not do the shawl justice.

    Can I follow you around the buy the colorways you tell me to buy?

    Ha! I’m so glad RR is sold. We radiate good karma, tranquility and bonhomie. It’s a sure thing.

  3. Beautiful shawl! And lovely purchases.

    I actually have a shopping list for MD, but if anything just *jumps* into my bag, well, it can’t be helped.

  4. You have wonderful new acquisitions. The shawl is lovely. It is a wonderful color that is shown off in the pattern. I am very happy that you have a wonderful person to encourage your craft. I can’t wait to hear about RR’s experience at NH.

  5. That shawl is just gorgeous as is that shawl pin! I love sheep shed rovings and the pretty one I was spinning last weekend on my Tina is a merino/tencel from them too. You’ve given me an idea of what to do with it ;)

    I too go to the festivals more for the people than for the fiber/tools/things. That’s what had me schlepping two 18 month olds there two years ago. To be among what I labeled the “similarly afflicted”. It is nice to be surrounded by people who get it.

  6. Gorgeous shawl! And the shawl pin is really pretty — I’ve been looking for one for my mom but haven’t found the perfect one yet.

    Your fiber is delish!

  7. Gorgeous shawl! I bought that same shawl pin from The Wheel Thing during our last guild meeting.

    You bought some beautiful fibers and maybe I’ll see you in NH!

  8. When I get around to spinning up my Merino/Tencel, I am going to make a shawl like yours too. It was beautiful.

    You picked up some really nice things. I LOVE the shawl pin!

  9. Beautiful shawl! And some nice festival finds too. I had no idea that Grafton went to CTS&W! That’s so cool that your man is actually interested in the next one. Mine is staying home this weekend and I’m actually very ok with that. ;)

  10. I missed the shawl up close, beautiful, I’d like to see the merino/tencel spun. See you at NH then?… Scott’s coming too.

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