…knitting lace (or lace knitting…whatever) can be very frustrating.

Yesterday afternoon all was well, life was good – RR had gone to the Rhinebeck junk sale with my Dad, Dobby was working and the house was quiet.  I finished (or, I thought I did) the last repeat of Chart A on Moth.  I decided to take some outdoor photos on the patio:

Moth in Repose

I then began (and completed) the reverse stockinette ridge prior to Chart B and started Chart B.  Which is roughly where everything went to sh*t.  It is also where I realized that when the instructions say to repeat the chart 14 times MORE that means FIFTEEN times TOTAL….dammit.

So I had five or six rows of 340ish stitches that I needed to tink…or rip out.   I don’t have the patience for the tinking…so (after a Cadbury egg and an offer of a shot of whiskey from RR) out came the needles.

Moth…in Time-Out

…fifteen minutes later Moth was back on the needles and ready to go:

Moth on the Needles again

Peaks and Valleys

 I only dropped one stitch ;o)

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