What to do…

…now that I’m done with Moth I feel lost…forlorn…without purpose. What to knit? What to spin? What to do? I guess I could clean something since the house is definitely starting to resemble a pigsty. Or, I could just show you prom photos ;o)








Roger’s Dad (aka ‘Pa’) drove them in his ’48 Ford – which just happened to match her dress. I think they had the coolest ride there and I’m pretty certain she had the only hand-knit shawl (made with yarn dyed specially for her by Auntie J) ;o)

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46 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. oh my—that is a gorgeous moth! i LOVE the color—it looks so sheer and delicate and is just the right size. it looks amazing on her! will she let you borrow it?

  2. She’s beautiful! What a wonderful present to such a memorable event.

    P.S.? I agree with Anne, I think you might need another shawl to console you over the finishing of the moth.

  3. RR says:

    sweet .. maybe you can knit dad a bitchin’ car cover. with stretchy bottom rim to stay on tight … can you get it done for father’s day ??
    J.K. good work welcome home hunny

  4. You did a fantastic job! They look great, and the ride’s not half-bad either. ;)

    A bitchin’ car cover – HA!

  5. That is so cool – I love the picture of them both in front of the car. It is so wild that her dress and his tie co-ordinate with the car.

    The shawl is stunning – and so is your little girl! Congrats Dobby.

    Can’t wait to see what you work on next.

  6. Beautiful shawl! I hope this gift buys you a permanent moratorium on door slamming and at least a one-month reprieve from any eye-rolling. She owes you!

  7. The shawl is stunning and I love how the car matched the accent colors on their clothes! Hope they had fun and hope you got some well deserved sleep.

  8. Gorgeous! I think it was a wonderful addition to her Prom Gown. I love it! What a way to be driven to the Prom. I hope she had a glorious night. Congrats to you!

  9. Manise says:

    She looks stunning in her Moth- nice job Jess! Love how the pink in their clothes matches the car. Great photo shoot!

  10. I knew you’d do it. :-) And oh, the finished shawl is fabulous! It’s a great size–not too huge (mine is actually a bit too big for me) but definitely wrap-up-able. ;-)

    I hope she treasures it.

  11. Ooooh, look at them! She looks lovely!!! (Not a bit of sass showing that night! ha)
    That shawl is gorgeous! Great job! On the daughter too! :D
    And WHY would you want to clean again??
    (I am getting sucked into a vortex and have been thinking about CROCHETED SQUARES!!! Imagine?? This peer pressure thing is too much!!)

  12. What a beautiful shawl! And great pictures of a night to remember. I love her dress and she looks so beautiful! Thanks for the comment on my blog and it was great meeting you too!

  13. The moth is breath takingly beautiful. Dobby looks just amazing too. She has lovely hair. Is that the infamous whipping boy? The car and dress matching are just too perfect for words.

  14. Wow! Just beautiful! (and the shawl isn’t so bad either). Just kidding, it looks like the whole package couldn’t have been any more perfect. Hope YOU survived prom night

  15. The shawl looks gorgeous! The car matching the dress is unbelievable! She looks so pretty. I’m guessing that’s Whipping Boy? He looks nice too. It takes a real man to wear pink.

  16. The FO is beautiful, and so is the shawl!

    Well… I guess we’re all WIPs, come to that. That makes the completion of splendid knitwear all the sweeter, especially when it will be worn by such a great model on such a grand occasion.

    I want that car.

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