…back to a (somewhat) regular schedule of blogging ;o) But first – thank you all so much for your wonderful complements! Dobby’s head swelled up so much she can barely fit through the door. We had to insult her for a solid five minutes to bring her back down. (Kidding! She’s very appreciative and still the same modest, unassuming teen she was on Thursday *g*) ;o)

It’s funny, when I have a deadline I get consumed. So much has happened over the past couple of weeks that I haven’t shared, it’s hard to remember it all. SO I give you two highlights that managed to stick:

Mother’s Day:


(there were flowers too – and four rosebushes. I’m pretty certain there was shawl guilt involved) ;o)

NH Sheep & Wool:


I’ve never been to the NH show – it’s smaller than Rhinebeck yet bigger than CT ;o) Big enough that I felt a bit overwhelmed (but I managed to handle it). The best part of the show (besides seeing my peeps, that is) was…I GOT MY WHEEL FROM DAVE! Yay! Now if I could only spin on her…since she’s a double drive and I’ve never spun on one before there’s just a bit of a learning curve. Hopefully now that I have some time I’ll be able to practice. ;o) So far it’s been all swearing and frustration. Not pretty.

Not only did I get my wheel but I also picked up some yarn – the three jewel toned yarns are from the Fiber Studio and the one that looks almost white is from Judy aka Smatterings. Closeups:

05-17-07-035.jpg 05-17-07-036.jpg

Oh I also got doggie a present – one of the vendors had all-natural honey dog treats so I thought I’d bring her some.

First, she was tentative:


Then, once she realized it was food and it was for her, there was no holding back:


After about 30 seconds all that was left was a wet plastic bag and half the paper wrapper. It wasn’t pretty.

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23 thoughts on “Now…

  1. The double drive can take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you ever spun on anything else. Let me know if I can help.

  2. I need to find an ashford in double drive so I can try it out and decide if I want to invest in that kit or not. It’s a bit pricey to buy on faith. You made some fab purchases, can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  3. I didn’t get a chance to comment on the previous post, but wanted to compliment you on the lovely shawl AND the lovely daughter. ;)
    And I ~heart~ the jewel toned yarns!
    Will I see you at Cummington this weekend??

  4. Oooo, gorgeous wheel! I’m spinning on a double drive for the first time right now too. I haven’t noticed a big difference. Perhaps it is because both wheels are castles? Very beautiful stash enhancement!

  5. I’m glad to hear you finally got your wheel back. I haven’t tried a double drive wheel yet either. The newest yarn is pretty! Are you going to MA this weekend?

  6. Congratulations on the wheel! :-) She’s lovely, of course. I didn’t realize it feels different to spin on a double drive wheel than a single drive one, but it makes sense–it’s a totally different mechanism, of course it’s going to feel different. I’m curious to hear which you end up preferring.

  7. Glad you had a nice Mother’s Day, guilt or not! Wish I could have been at NH…but I’m looking forward to seeing you at Cummington!

  8. i have to say after having been to rhinebeck, NHSW and MA (and i’m going this weekend, are you?) that the NH is my favorite.

    that wheel sure is pretty

  9. Nice loot! I’ll be interested to read your adventures with your new wheel. It’s a funny thing with Dave’s wheels, I’ve tried them at lots of festivals, and sometimes I feel like a complete klutz, other times all goes smoothly. (I have a double-drive trad, so that’s not it.)

  10. blogless sharon says:

    congrats on the new wheel, Dave sold me a double treadle, double drive and it took about 20 min to get the hang of it, man, I was afraid of it but now I’m sold. Your wheel is beautiful. good luck sister

  11. Oh, I can’t stop giggling at the insulting her for 5 minutes straight. Heh. That’s not good, is it?
    I have resisted the crochet…for now.
    Loving all over your yarn. And your dog.

  12. Hooray for the wheel! Spin damn you, spin! (To the wheel, not you)

    The dogs reaction? Same way I get with chocolate.

    Lovely yarn purchases.

  13. That wheel is beautiful–well worth the struggle, I’m sure.

    And the biscuits? Chappy says that you absolutely did the right thing. (He’s still a little miffed at our substitute-UPS driver today who did NOT leave the requisite biscuit to make up for Chappy’s time and trouble….)

  14. Oh Yay! You got your wheel – how much fun will it be once you have it all figured out.
    Love the yarns you picked up – especially the ‘almost white’ one.
    Look at your doggie go! She must have loved those treats – any way to get her more of them?

  15. Great yarns! Those are some really amazing colorways you got there.
    Congrats on getting a wheel! Looking forward to seeing all the new yarns you spin up!

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