Holy falling down a rabbit hole, Batman. I go and buy a new toy and a whole week gets away from me! Sorry about that – this is a quickie random post too…I suck, I’m sorry. (AND, my freaking internet connection refuses to cooperate tonight so I’m going to go offline before I hit the router with something and make an expensive dent)

Tuesday I became the proud owner of a new kickass laptop (thank you, Mr. Taxman!) and I have spent all my waking hours since then trying to learn how to use #@!%ing Vista (For the record, I’m not a big fan at this time) and moving my files over.

Oh, and maybe playing RCT 3 (Roller Coaster Tycoon) after I finally got it working (THAT took me like 8 hours. I hate Vista. Wait. I already said that.)

Also, Scout was kind and generous enough to share an invite to Ravelry with me so please excuse me while I introduce myself to that new bit of time suckage… (The OCD knitter in me is VERY excited *grin*) (if I could only get the internet connection to cooperate…grrrr)

Finally, I will be at Cummington tomorrow! w00t! See you all there! I’ll be the disoriented, pale, overwhelmed geeky fiberist who keeps muttering, ‘…dual core patch?…no, it must be the frame rate screwing it up…no NO don’t crash! …ravelry…must enter yarn…patterns…’ (or some version of that) to herself ;o)

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15 thoughts on “Wha?

  1. I’m so bummed that I’m going to miss Cummington! But, you only graduate college once (and then get to celebrate that fact every five years after that!) As for Ravelry, um, you wouldn’t, um, happen maybe to know where I can get one of these “invitations” of which people speak? I’m on the sign-up list for a beta invite, but it now seems that, like gmail, they are allowing users to invite new users — so I figured I’d ask. (there’s no harm in asking, is there?)

  2. I’ve heard Vista sucks. In fact, at a meeting the other day they said Dell was pulling back on all their products with Vista. I hope this turns out okay for you. Have fun at Cummington!

  3. That Ravelry is dangerous! I mean, where else can you go and see thousands of projects begging to be knitted?! I already have too many things in my “favorites” and queued up ;-)

  4. Oh God, I lost SO MUCH TIME in Ravelry this week. I noticed you were a new user last night and friended you…

    I’ve heard Vista sucks, too, but new laptop! Ooh, shiny!

  5. Hopefully the sun will revive you.

    I’m having the same kind of problems with learning the Mac AND Parallels. Steep learning curve all around.

    Ravelry! Yes. Sometimes you just can’t have enough time-suckers!

  6. O.k, just whack me with a wet, ratty skein. I saw you and it didn’t register that it WAS YOU. I’m so bad with names and faces until I’ve hung around the person a few times. I’m so sorry! Next time I’ll be better. :)

  7. It was great seeing you at Cummington! I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to play with my Victoria at Cate’s, though.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that your Vista woes get sorted out, and I’ll see you over at Ravelry!

  8. Suckage is right. I accepted the invite because I really need to spend more time ignoring my poor children this summer. :)

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