Massachusetts Sheep & Wool…

…was wonderful – a beautiful day, great friends, fun all around. I finally managed to drag my *ss out of bed and get there around noon. Thankfully, there was still a bit of fiber left ;o)

I ran into the gang of usual suspects at the Bosworth booth where Claudia was picking up a very special spindle. (Unfortunately in the confusion of hello’s I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to her or check out her new toy).  There was a bit of wandering (with lunch in between) where I picked up this:

Cotton Candy…?

…and this:

Foxfire Fiber

 Cashmere and silk from Foxfire Fibers

 …and then I hit the Spunky booth:

Spunky Eclectic

One of those skeins (the one on the Right) was a gift for me from Cynthia! (Thanks again, Cyn!) Funny thing is – I bought myself the same colorway in a different wool blend.  Frightening, isn’t it? ;o))

THEN…I went into the fleece sale.  This is what followed me out:




 …she insisted.  Especially when someone stuck their hand in the bag while I was looking at her and stated it was a ‘beautiful fleece’.  She practically jumped into my arms at that point, I swear! ;o)  She is a Merino, her name is ‘Clover’, she was raised in Pittsfield (amazing, no?), weighs 5 lbs and will be sent out for processing.  Steve (the Coopworth) taught me that there are limits to what I can do (that and Cate suggested it.  Whatever Cate suggests you do when it comes to wool, you do.)  ;o)

Speaking of Steve, she got dropped off at a processor on Saturday.  I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get her back but at this point I don’t care as long as I don’t have to wash any more wool.  Seriously.

Finally, we have this batt who had called to me earlier in the day but the vendor was too busy:


 After all that was the blegger at Cate’s which was lots of fun – however, I was so burnt out at that point I’m afraid I wasn’t very social…AND I forgot to take any pictures!  Complete camnesia.  Doh!

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