…and again with the butt.


Okay I give up. Apparently it is just not meant to be. I will never get a photo of my daughter’s FACE while marching. Okay I haven’t completely given up – at least I can try again next year. *sigh*

This weekend two exciting things happened (well, other than Cummington and the events surrounding the festival). Firstly, I celebrated my first spinniversary since I learned to spin last year at the hands of the omniscient Shiela B. (can you believe I’ve acquired four wheels since then? Yeah. Neither can RR).

Secondly I actually got to see RR marching! In a parade! A real one! With music and horses and kids on bikes and fire trucks and flashy lights and everything! Usually the only view I get to see of him in his dress uniform is this one:


…that would be running out the door double checking to make sure he has all his crap. THIS year I got to see this:


Pretty handsome, aren’t they? ;o)

Also seen while driving aimlessly around upstate NY:


Yes, the house was just as scary as you might think…very Norman Bates-esque and no, we didn’t stop.

As for knitting….I don’t have time anymore, I’m updating my Ravelry notebook. ;op

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