I worked on two projects this weekend, one knitted and one spun. I didn’t finish either of them ;o)

I’m knitting another pair of socks (shocking, I know). These are from the 2006 STR club lineup:


The colorway is ‘PeaseBlossom’ but instead of knitting the ‘Hippy Crunchy’ pattern that came with that colorway (don’t like it for several reasons), I am knitting the ‘Central Air’ pattern that was the ‘easy’ pattern included in the ‘Titania’ package which came the month following the ‘PeaseBlossom’ colorway. I’m liking it so far…  I’m dying to work on the newest kit that just came – the one with the Silk yarn – but I’m trying to complete the kits in order.  Not sure if I’ll stick with it…time will tell ;o)

The spinning project I am working on is the Lisa Souza BFL in “Emerald City”:


I’m Navajo plying it and it’s coming along…slowly… I’m such a slow spinner sometimes, it’s so frustrating. I am liking how this is turning out so far – and I plied most of it while watching The Wizard of Oz last night. Fitting, isn’t it? It wasn’t even planned ;o)

Oh and I have a question for those who may know – when in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks will the freaking plying head be available for the Sonata? I’m not known for my patience and the ‘available soon’ has been up on the New Voyager site for MONTHS. SO frustrating.

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14 thoughts on “Progress…

  1. Mmmm like that Peaseblossom colourway. Knit the kits in order? You have a strict knitting ethic my friend.
    I think you can do it – just hide that silk blend somewhere deep and dark.

  2. Wow… the yarn you’re plying is *gorgeous*! I love the fresh green color, I don’t ever wear that color but I’m tempted now. And the socks are looking oh so fine.

  3. Knit in order that they came ;-) Next you’ll be spinning in the order that they arrived! Or knitting your oldest, commercial yarn. Bring the real JessaLu back!

  4. When you finally get the plying head, let me know how you like it. lol

    Lovely Emerald City btw, but I can’t watch the Wizard of Oz, the flying monkeys give me the hives.

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