Eye Candy…

…from the garden again. The tree peony bloomed last week – the bush peonies are making me wait (damn them.) but it should be worth it. One of them is almost waist-high!

Wait. You probably want to see a picture or something since it’s Friday…


This year she graced me with four blossoms:


Happy Friday! ;o)

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21 thoughts on “Eye Candy…

  1. Lovely!
    My surprise peony “mini bush” just isn’t going to bloom this year, and thats ok. Its a sheer miracle that its there and green :) My neighbor’s bush peonies are amazing though. From my living room window I can count at least 20 blooms and I’m only seeing ONE side of the plant! I’m extremely lucky that he told me to come down and pick as many as I want to grace my dining room table, and that I’d be doing him a favor. Today is the day now that they’ve all opened up!

  2. Very pretty! I just noticed that our bush peony has been blooming like a crazy person. (Do they bloom?) Same color as your tree peony.

    Have a great weekend!!!

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