What I did this weekend…

I knit this:


…and turned it into this:


Pattern: Squatty Sidekick – a free pattern available when you sign up for Knitting Daily. Started Saturday afternoon – finished Sunday afternoon. More project details here on my Ravelry profile.

I also did some spinning – finally finishing the Emerald City from Lisa Souza.  I love this green:


 I managed to squeeze 350ish yards of 3-ply out of the 4oz hank-o-roving.  Not sure what I want to do with it yet so…into the basket ;o)

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24 thoughts on “What I did this weekend…

  1. Cute bag! Looks like Knitting Daily is having a hard time getting going in “Spring 2007,” but I signed up anyway. (Funny that you mention it when I just saw the ad in IK about two days ago and meant to look it up.)

    I still haven’t gotten my invite to Ravelry, but I can wait. Looks fun.

    Lovely spinning!

  2. I love the bag, but I can’t see the details on Ravelry. I need to know!!!

    Emerald City is simply gorgeous! I really love all those greens. Wonderful spinning!

  3. Do I have you on my friends list in Ravelry? If not, I’m there under wandawoman, shouldn’t be too hard to find me, right? ;-)
    The bag turned out really cute. I like it. And the Emerald City is beautiful, just love it!

  4. Ahhh, much better than my Squatty Sidekick gone wrong. I’m sure my next one will work out just fine. :) The green yarn is gorgeous.

  5. What a very beautiful bag you did – such a great pattern, and I totally love how the colors go along together! Very beautiful – and so is your spiining, I’m really impressed by that too!

  6. Oh, those blue-greens! I know there was something else up there about a bag, but all I can see is the gorgeous handspun. Sigh! :-)

  7. Oh I love that yarn.
    Did I mention that I took a spinning class last weekend? Ummm it was more addicting than I expected – and I didn’t even get to use the wheel with roving.
    I’ve already bought roving – it begins!

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