I did it.


It started small…my first attempts were even smaller.  Then…well, then it just magically worked.  Okay not 100% magically, I still have a couple of needles that aren’t too happy to be pressed into service so the beginning of this has some really big holes and I have to pay attention to each round and form some stitches myself once in a while but last night…*sigh*  Last night, I knit 6 inches of sock in less than five minutes.



Six inches.  Less than five minutes…think about that.   I don’t know about you all but my math is telling me this…



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23 thoughts on “Hee!!

  1. Wow, that was fast! And apparently you have a knack for assembling lots of pieces into something useable. Does this mean everyone in your immediate circle will be receiving socks for Christmas?

  2. Hang on, does that sock have a heel flap? Maybe it’s just the angle, but I could swear I see a heel flap in that last picture. How’d you do that?!

  3. Congrats! Those sock machines are quite dangerous animals. I can see how easily you can get sucked in. Oh, yes, you can definitely buy more sock yarn, but perhaps use up a bit more sock yarn stash first before buying? (hehe)

  4. OMG that is so freekin’ cool! Congrats on your purchase. And now I know why you left that comment on the SOS blog… remember lady, I’m watchin’ you! ;)

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