Green is the new black…

…or something like that.

I saw this meme at Kristi’s and at Carole’s and liked the idea.  The premise is that you list the things you do that are ‘green’.  There is no tagging, if you want to participate go right ahead!

  • We’ve taken our bikes out of the scary basement and have started going for rides together.  I’m trying to work on my distance so I can ride into town (5 miles one way) to try to save some gas.  Now I just need to find a helmet.  It’s hard for a kid from the 70’s to get a bike helmet – I mean, the cool kids didn’t wear helmets back then.  It was way cooler to split your head open like a melon ;o)
  • I’ve changed over almost all of the bulbs to compact fluorescent.  These bulbs were pretty horrible when they first came out but now they have the ‘soft white’ version which has helped with the color issues ;o)  Not only is this green but I think I’ve mentioned that I live in an old house that desperately needs a wiring update – since we’ve switched bulbs we don’t blow fuses when we make coffee anywhere near as often.
  • I’m trying to not use the plastic bags at the grocery.  I have a couple of ‘freebie’ bags that I keep in the car for small trips and I just ordered some of these for big trips.  There is a bit of a stigma with this that I’m trying to get past – when I was a teen and worked at the local grocery store we used to make fun of those who brought their own bags (this was the 80’s).  I don’t want to be known as the ‘earthy-crunchy’ lady with the weird baggage ;o)
  • Instead of using my usual systemic highly toxic anti-bug/anti-fungi spray on the roses, I’m using an organic alternative.  At this time two of my roses have developed powdery mildew so if it doesn’t clear up soon I may have to go back to the old standard.
  • I’m also trying to buy healthier food for all of us – organic and all that.  I’ve also planted the veggie garden this year (which I need to weed desperately).

Of course, all of this is pretty much wiped out whenever I start my car and drive anywhere.  A Jeep Grand Cherokee with a v8 isn’t exactly an eco-friendly gas-sipper ;o)

Since it’s Friday I’ll also give you a bit of Eye Candy: