What happens in Kerhonkson…

…generally stays in Kerhonkson (NY). Unless you get a tattoo, that is ;o)

This past weekend was the annual Father’s Day Car Show which was held at the Hudson Valley Resort. We left Thursday evening, putting our trust in the hands of the GPS to lead us to our first stop:

Eveready Diner

That’s the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park, NY. After following the directions of the GPS which led us over hill and dale, down the Taconic Parkway and through a questionable neighborhood we realized that all we had to do was drive to the Rhinebeck Fair (aka NY S&W) and continue South on 9 from there.

That’s what we get for trusting technology instead of a plain old map. At least it was an adventure…

From there we continued to the car show where there were shiny colorful cars (can you believe there are no pictures of the cars?), cars on fire:


Field trips:

Adair Vinyards

To John!

Father’s Day gifts were given:


(a picture of a grill…we didn’t want to truck the whole thing up there…the thing weighs about as much as a…well, a truck)

I brought Amelia – she drew quite a bit of attention. I spent a lot of time explaining what she is and what I was doing. The kids were the best, I had a small group of them around me at one point, all watching, all drinking in the sheer coolness of the spinning ;o)


When Don stopped by to say hello she decided she wanted to get a little something to remind her of her first public outing:



Amelia feels very privileged to be his first spinning wheel ;o)

I’m going to stop here since this post is running a bit long – coming soon, a contest!

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24 thoughts on “What happens in Kerhonkson…

  1. That diner looks like something out of “When Harry Met Sally.” (“I’ll have the BLT, but I want the bacon cooked extra crisp, and I’d like extra lettuce, please. And I’d like it with mayo, but on the side…”) I’ll bet picky eaters and tattooed girls hang out there all the time.

  2. That is so cool, you have a tattooed wheel!

    Looks like y’all had a blast.

    Maybe one of these days you’ll find me on
    your doorstep begging for a spinnning lesson! ;)

  3. That is a way cool paint job. I’ll bet that all of the hip wheels will start to get them now. The more conservative of spinners will only have a discreet rose, while the more adventurous will opt for prominant symbols and names. Heck, I’ll bet that Dan could really line up customers at the fiber shows. Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Last year I actually ATE at that diner – it was awesome! It was me, Kellee, Debbie, and Melanie, and it was really great. Yay.

    The wheel tattoo is AWESOME. I’m SO jealous.

  5. Okay, great, now I want one! When is the next car show? Does he do dragonflies too?
    BTW Lydia is settling in very nicely. I might even give her a little spin today.
    Thanks again for the birthday gifts.
    Love ya, Mom

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