A drawback…

…to the CSM is:


 …the kitchenering really piles up.  ;o)

I did manage to finish one pair – these are my handspun made on the machine:


I’ll say it again in case you didn’t hear me the first time:  These are made out of MY HANDSPUN and cranked ON A CSM.  How FREAKING cool is that?!?!!? It took me two hours.  TWO. HOURS.  I can barely stand it.  Oh and the fiber is the ‘Popsicle’ colorway from Amy in the plain old wool blend.

…now I just need to get the ribber to work and I’ll be cooking with gas ;o)

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32 thoughts on “A drawback…

  1. If you came to knitting ,I’d kitchener those right up for you. I think I’m one of the few folks that actually like to kitchener.

  2. If not for the money issue then I would so buy one of these! The handspun is beautiful. Like I said before, your family and friends had better be thinking “socks” for Christmas! If I lived closer then I’d come over for a visit and to hone my kitchener skills on your pile of sockage.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! Socks from your own handspun=marvelous! Umm, can I send you some of my sock yarn? ;-) just playing, but my goodness, that would sort of make purchasing as much sock yarn as you want not a problem, huh? Maybe I should look into this CSM?

  4. Yeah, yeah, so the socks are gorgeous. But boo-freakin-whoo on the kitchnering!! Don’t mind me, I’m just jealous! :)

  5. The socks are awesome and they would totally satisfy my problem of more handspun yarn on hand than socks finished. However, I know you enough to know that what you can accomplish in two hours would have me cursing and bursting into tears for days on end. Not everyone has found the machine to be a piece of cake, and you make it look way too easy!

    Nonetheless I have been drooling over the old ones on eBay for many months now and again. Someday I may cave.

    Great handspun!

  6. Umm can I just say that it has taken me 3 days to figure out what the deuce Kitchenering was! (read about it at the Yarn Harlot’s, no time wasted with a pesky dictionary, nope)Ummm that is the result of always grafting I guess.
    Time for me to expand!

  7. And furthermore…

    I’m listening to “Drowned Wednesday” right now but saw the “Dresden Files” book on the sidebar. COOL! Now I’m heading over to audible.com. Tom and I both love the TV show.

    Ah, great minds.

  8. I am IMPRESSED! They are lovely! Who knew??
    I would be willing to kitchener up some for you if you want to pop some in the mail. I’m serious.

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