Eye Candy and…

…well, that’s it. Just Eye Candy today:


My Peonies a day before a whopping big storm came through and knocked them all down. There was hail and everything – but at least I got a picture before the carnage…

Okay I lied.  There’s more ;o)

In knitting news, I still hand-knit socks (in fact, the CSM is empty right now and waiting for me to develop enough patience to tackle the ribber again) and here are a couple that I have finished in the past few days:


I still need to finish their twins – but at least I’ve cast on for both of them so odds are good that they won’t be single socks ;o) The one on the Left is the Horcrux sock from the Six Sock Knitalong, the Right is the Central Air sock from the STR Club. Horcrux is knit with some Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I dyed myself with Kool-Aid to resemble the Gryffindor colors (my original yarn choice didn’t work out – the color repeats were too long and I was getting a half red-half yellow sock) and the STR yarn is PeaseBlossom. Oh and those are my new sock blockers from Scout, too. Aren’t they cool? ;o)

In other news, RR worked in NYC earlier this week and brought home dinner:


Long distance takeout ;o) Trust me, I’m paying for it – I gained three pounds :o(