Eye Candy and…

…well, that’s it. Just Eye Candy today:


My Peonies a day before a whopping big storm came through and knocked them all down. There was hail and everything – but at least I got a picture before the carnage…

Okay I lied.  There’s more ;o)

In knitting news, I still hand-knit socks (in fact, the CSM is empty right now and waiting for me to develop enough patience to tackle the ribber again) and here are a couple that I have finished in the past few days:


I still need to finish their twins – but at least I’ve cast on for both of them so odds are good that they won’t be single socks ;o) The one on the Left is the Horcrux sock from the Six Sock Knitalong, the Right is the Central Air sock from the STR Club. Horcrux is knit with some Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I dyed myself with Kool-Aid to resemble the Gryffindor colors (my original yarn choice didn’t work out – the color repeats were too long and I was getting a half red-half yellow sock) and the STR yarn is PeaseBlossom. Oh and those are my new sock blockers from Scout, too. Aren’t they cool? ;o)

In other news, RR worked in NYC earlier this week and brought home dinner:


Long distance takeout ;o) Trust me, I’m paying for it – I gained three pounds :o(

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16 thoughts on “Eye Candy and…

  1. I love the colors of your Horcrux sock! I’ve never had my Kool Aid colors turn out this vivid and even before… sounds like a good reason to try it again! I’ve never eaten at a White Castle before, but I’d bet that sodium just had you retaining some extra water… no worries, it will be eliminated soon. Happy knitting, both on and off the sock machine.

  2. Pretty socks! Your colors came out great on the yarn you dyed yourself!

    I’ve never heard of White Castle….I assume it’s to die for?

  3. Your peonies are beautiful! Sorry they didn’t fair so well in the storm. We’ve been fortunate with the storms so far, all we’ve had are a few rumbles of thunder and some rain.

    Great socks!

  4. love love love the peonies, sorry to hear that they met a bad end. The socks look great, so doe that mean you have fraternal sock twins right now?

  5. Good thing for Summer of Socks – I have had the Horcrux pattern for so long now…Yours look fantastic, nice dye job.
    Fabulous peonies – I was too slow to get a pic of mine. Maybe next year. What do you feed them with? Yours have so many blooms – mine only ever have 2.
    I have heard so much about White Castle (well…via the Beastie Boys) and have never had it. 3 lbs eh? Must be yummy.

  6. Sliders! Haven’t had those since…maybe after Senior Prom back in Minnesota?
    I’ve got a pair of martini sock blockers from Scout, too and I LOVE them!

  7. I love Whities. Mr. Effer and I have driven to New Jersey and to NYC for Whities. Yep, you’re right…. it’s usually a minimum of a 3 pound gain. We usually get two crave cases.

    The peonies are (?were) beautiful!

  8. I can totally understand the long distance takeout thing. I recently had my sister pick up a Potbelly sandwich for me as she was flying home. From Chicago. To Long Island. (And it was soooooooo worth the trip!)

  9. GAK! White Castle. If only I had a cast iron stomach!

    Your socks are awesome. And that sock machine. Oh, my heart. BAD JESS! I searched for them and got quite a scare. :-)

  10. I have never eaten White Castle and I think I’ll try to keep that going. I don’t need the 3 pounds! :)
    LOVE your peonies. Or your past peonies, at least! poor things..

  11. Man, I love that handspun!!! Great job! And I am sorry for the loss of your peonies……just be heartened that they are in a better place now with no hail and all the fertilizer they need. ;0) They were really pretty. What a color. And speaking of color…the horcrux. Is the Kool-Aid fairly fade resistant?

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