Yep, that about sums it up…

This weekend consisted of doing a whole bunch of nothing (I managed to get mostly caught up on my Bloglines and weed the garden.  w00t!) with the highlight of a party on Saturday. RR’s niece graduated High School so it was time to celebrate!

I spent 90% of the party knitting or spinning with my Grafton Fibers drop spindle (acquired at Rhinebeck) which prompted lots of questions since, believe it or not, there are members of RR’s family that haven’t seen the obsessive level of my fibery pursuits. A couple of those questions stood out and I thought I’d share them with you guys. The first:

BIL twice removed (married to the sister of RR’s fiance): “So…do you do this stuff a lot? Like, all the time? Obsessively?”
Me: “Yep, it keeps me from smoking cigs again or eating everything in sight.”
BILtr (eyeing the cashmere/silk blend I was spinning with a bleary eye): “Will you knit me a thong? I could really use a cashmere thong.”
Me: “*coughs* That would be a definite no.”

…then there was the cutest:

3yo great-niece (aka ‘DaNiece’ her twin brother is known as ‘DaNephew’) sees me spinning as she’s running by and stops dead in her tracks: ” WHAT are you DOING?!?! ” (using the same tone you would expect when hearing, “Are you CRAZY or something?”)
Me: “Making yarn!”
DN makes a grab for spindle and yanks – which leads my thoughts to Deb’s post of the other day. The kid is lucky she’s cute ;o) Her father was also right there and stopped her mid-yank.

…and the best:

Cousin J: “What kinds of things do you knit and how long does it take?”
Me: “Oh I knit lots of things – socks, sweaters, shawls…I knit Dobby a shawl (yes, I called her Dobby) for her prom. As for how long it takes, ask her about that one.”
Cousin J looks to Dobby for answers…
Dobby (deadpan): “Her whole life.”

…yep, that about sums it up ;o)

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