What do you get when you…

…cross a MinPin and a Muskrat?


Three stitches.

The MinPin is resting comfortably after her surgery – we are all hoping the muskrat is slowly bleeding to death in a ditch somewhere. God help it if it shows its face here again.

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30 thoughts on “What do you get when you…

  1. The poor baby! I’m sending puppy hugs. I bet she will be getting a lot of treats so she can recover. Stupid muskrat!

  2. Poor pup! :-( And poor you, too! This must have been scary for everybody.

    At least she doesn’t have to wear the Dreaded E-Collar…

  3. Oh no! Poor little Minpin!!
    I sure hope the Muskrat got the worst of it. Your poor baby.
    Give him lots of cuddles and extra hugs – some from his Mommy’s online friends.
    Kira sends her best wishes for a speedy recovery too.

  4. Poor baby! Do you have antibiotics, etc. for the pooch? I hope that she recovers quickly and uneventfully. Would a rat trap catch a muskrat? (Now the song “Muskrat Love” is stuck in my noggin’)

  5. Poor baby! That must have been terrifying. I don’t even know what a muskrat looks like. And. I hope it stays that way!!!

  6. I’m so sorry about your puppy. Triton chases after mocking-birds and blue-jays. I’m always worried about what will happen if she ever gets close.

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