Scar? Horcrux?

Either way, I have the socks… ;o)




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23 thoughts on “Scar? Horcrux?

  1. Love them!

    I think Harry’s scar is the last Horcrux too. Though I secretly hope not, since all Horcrux’s must be destroyed to vanquish Voldemort.

    Sigh. Can you believe I am actually at a convention during the book release? I can’t find a way out of it so I have to shield myself from all media until I return Sunday night.
    Wish me luck – I think I am going to need it.

  2. Harry can’t possibly be a horcrux. You-know-who attempts to kill him approximately once per year, right around exam time. No way would he be doing that if Harry were harboring a precious fragment of his soul.

    As to the “accidental/unintentional/improvisational horcrux” theory, I don’t think even a powerful wizard like Voldy could perform such advanced magic WHILE his AK was rebounding on him. It’s got to be awfully distracting to have your body disintegrate while you’re in the middle of casting a very complex spell…

    That said, however, I really like the socks. ;-)

  3. I hate to say this, but I fear Harry will die in book 7 as well. I’ve been re-reading the previous books and searching for any and every clue I can find regarding the possible endings though in hopes of finding something that will lead me to believe otherwise. My DH and I are going to an early release of TOOTP on Tuesday. I hope it’s good. Love the socks. Hope the pooch is doing better.

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