Holy Whirlwind, Batman…

Yesterday while RR was reading the paper, he handed me the classifieds and said, “Look! MinPin in Pittsfield!” and I freaked out. I called. We were first to respond. We went and met her.

You can all guess what came next. Little ole bleeding heart me couldn’t stand to hear what conditions the dog was living in and decided that she needed two acres to run in and yuppie dog food. Never mind that she has separation anxiety. Never mind that she’s not 100% house trained. Never mind that Beanie is now so pissed at me that she won’t even look at me. *sigh*

So now we have Keesha – and Keesha DESPERATELY needs a new name. I’m hoping ya’ll can help me with this since my mind has gone completely blank. It needs to start with a ‘k’ sound and end with an ‘a’ sound since she’s already been hearing ‘Keesha’ for the last five months. Whomever gives me the best name will get a lil something, too ;o)


So far we’ve had two breakthroughs – she can sit on command (finally! THAT took a lot of cookies…) and she’s spent the past 20 minutes on the porch with Beanie and #1 hasn’t barked and #2 Beanie hasn’t killed her. Yet.

In Beanie news, she is doing pretty good. You can tell that her head is bothering her a bit – and she gets the stitches out tomorrow afternoon. Which, hopefully, will stop the constant, “Zipper’s SURLY” (*sigh* RR is such a kid sometimes…perhaps some of you will recognize a Brian Regan schtick…?) She is definitely not happy with me right now, though. Hopefully she’ll forgive me soon :o(