Waiting to exhale…

I had forgotten how intense puppy training can be.  Especially puppy REtraining – which is what we’re doing.  I say ‘we’ loosely since RR has been home all of about five awake hours since we got the puppy which means it’s my ass getting up every 30 minutes and taking her out to potty then saying, “good potty” like an idiot and giving her a treat.  The construction guys next door are loving this – they can’t see the dog.  They think I’m talking to myself.  Like I have some kind of strange invisible friend who needs to be housebroken.  They already think I’m nuts since I run around the back yard with fuzzy colorful stuff (roving) and/or string (yarn) with a camera taking a bazillion pictures.  This is not helping me look cool in front of the construction guys.

ANYway, thanks for all the good name ideas!  RR and I have decided on a name which is, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), not even close to the one she had.  That means that it isn’t one of the ones you guys guessed…which means you all have a shot at winning something since I’m going to use the fancy-schmancy number generator to pick a winner of a skein of sock yarn.  I’ll probably do this tomorrow night since right now it’s almost time for potty…again.

In other doggie news, Beanie got her stitches taken out today.  She’s doing great, it’s healing great, RR is still calling her ‘zipper’ and she’s talking to me again.  I’ll admit, I had a bit of a breakdown when she wouldn’t even look at me Sunday night.  She still doesn’t like it when puppy lunges for her head – hopefully the two of them will find a happy medium…

Oh and before I forget – I am a terrible prize recipient because I always forget to post when I’ve received the prize.  Maybe this is why I rarely win?  Sorry, babbling.  Where was I?  Ohyeah, I won a contest over at Bev’s (go to the previous post from that link to read my entry) and my prize was hand-dyed roving (dyed by Bev herself)!


 Pretty, no?

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22 thoughts on “Waiting to exhale…

  1. I was thinking the same thing, what did you decide for the name?

    Glad to hear the stitches have been taking out and she is healing.

  2. Hey, they means there will be TWO mini pinschers to chase off badgers! Strength in numbers!

    When my parents were housebreaking one of their golden retriever puppies, the poor puppy just wasn’t getting it. You would take her outside to pee and she would busy herself doing puppy things and then pee as soon as you brought her in the house. And then you’d tell her no, bad dog, etc. and she would just cock her head and look at you like “Who? Me?” Sometimes she would pee somewhere else in the house and then the other puppy would go start bugging my parents to let them know that the other one had peed in the house. Good times!

  3. Very pretty!

    And, I feel special because I know the name . . . unless you’ve changed your mind since that email! (grin)

    Chappy sends wags to everyone–welcoming ones to the pup, and get-well ones to Beanie!

  4. Lovely roving… which of your wheels will have the honors? Are the construction guys hot? If not, oh heck even if they are, why not play up this crazy lady routine. You could post their reactions here for some blogland entertainment. BTW, what will you call her?

  5. You do have an invisible friend. The yarn is your friend. You stroke it and pet it and treat it like you would want to be treated. Be proud of your relationship, construction guys be damned!

    Oh and I cannot read the tag very well on the pic you put of the roving. Can anyone back me up here? It looks like the tak says “Jimmy’s poot”. What is it? I feel like a dope?

  6. Ooo…a puppy! Ok, now I know I have a lot of reading to do! I hope that you are having fun. I loved reading your post, it made me laugh to picture you talking to the puppy in the yard and construction guys. Nice prize!

  7. We need more puppy pictures.

    Also? The whole thing about you having an invisible friend you let out in the yard and tell to go potty? HILARIOUS. Hey, at leaast you are providing entertainment for the construction guys! ;)

  8. Glad you like the roving–other Bev, it’s “Timmy’s Pool” named after my childhood neighbor who used to torture me with the fact he had a pool, and I didn’t. Jimmy’s poot is funnier, though!

  9. Poor Beanie! She still loves you, though it may not seem that way. She’s probably insulted that you brought in a “replacement”.

    Funny how the men-folk are scarce when the “kids” need some trainin’.

  10. And the name is???? Emma got trained because about a month after we got her DH got snowed in with 3 ft of snow (while I was in MN, go figure) and was stuck for several days as they don’t plow our cul-du-sac even though it is a looooong one.

    I also broke down when we first got her. I kept calling my mom crying about what a bad puppy mommy I was. She had/has some big hang-ups from being in a rescue that wasn’t a rescue.

    That is gorgeous roving!

  11. Sorry, what was the pup’s name? I think I missed that…

    I can’t wait to see some pics of the two babies together. Hopefully they’ll be BFFs soon. Give Beanie a cookie for me & tell her I hope she feels better.

  12. Glad Beanie is doing better.

    My neighbors think I’m nuts too. The best light we have is in the front yard on the steps so that’s where I take all my outdoor yarn and fiber shots.

    Congrats on winning the fiber and I’d like to know the name of new pup too!

  13. Aw, crud, I missed it, didn’t I? Oh, well, have fun. I’ve decided we’re not cut out for a dog — at least the cats and I aren’t, and there are six of us and only three of them.

  14. oh my, you do have your hands full now! Hope you have some time to play with the roving too, can’t wait to see that in “string” form

  15. OMG, puppy training is like having another child! We need another dog, but I don’t know if I can go through it again! The chewing, the whining, the all-nighters, the poop!

    I’m so glad Beanie is alright! Scout is still suffering his emotional damage after the week of fireworks and then the thinderstorms we have had. I’m considering giving him puppy xanax next 4th of july.

  16. I really think you can change the name of the dog and it won’t take long for her to learn the new name, and I don’t think the names need to be similar. Therefore, I think her name should be Minnie Purl. (Get it?)

  17. rr says:

    ok.. so Heathers post …the chewing whining ,, all nighters … she’s getting better and jess is almost used to having 2 dogs now.. ;-) , as for the name .. it’s still unclear whether it’s .NO !. STOP IT !. CUT IT OUT !! shit… dammit ….oh.. nNO !! NO ….OUTSIDE!!! HEY KNOCK IT OFF>>>

    and ..LEAVE HER ALONE …STOPPIT!! HEY !!! and Where you going ???

    but she pretty much responds to them all….

    but seriously her name is both a Disney character and an incense…mmm what could it be …sounds like .. nick name? .a kind of music ??

  18. *grin* She is just the cutest thing… but man is your other dog pissed! I laughed out loud about the construction worker thing, all you need now is to make sure you go out when your hair is especially excited, preferably looking like a bird’s nest, and that’ll really seal the deal. Bathrobe + hair = crazy lady.

  19. Congrats on your new puppy! I think Lola is maybe (maybe) finally housetrained. She came to us at 10 months old with no training at all. And she did really really well — but she’d have no accidents for months & then bam! There it’d be.

    I thought I’d lose my mind housetraining Chester. I tell ya, chihuahuas just aren’t starter dogs. But he did learn, eventually.

    I was lucky; they liked each other immediately. Chester was a tad jealous at first, but he also loved to play with her from day 1.

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