Ah the suspense is killing you…

…isn’t it? (lotsa photos in this post…)

I bet ya’ll are just dying to know the name of the new puppy (aka my invisible friend aka ‘good potty’ aka ‘no dammit’)

Okay I won’t make you wait anymore…meet Jasmine (Jazz or Jazzy for short, she seems to like Jazz the best):


ohwait that’s not a good shot…try this one:


ohmyGod it’s like herding cats getting her to sit still:


Wait, I think she heard something:


Finally! She’s tired out:


…and then we have Ms. Cranky-Pants:


Can you feel the disdain dripping off of her?  Ice runs through her veins, I swear ;o)

As for photos of them both together – that’s damned near impossible.  Yesterday they were both laying on the same couch but if I had gotten up to fetch the camera that would have started a whole chain reaction since, wherever I goeth, puppy goeth.  I get up, she gets up.  She gets up, we have to go potty.  We go potty, the construction guys look at me like I’m nuts.  They *really* like it when I’m out there in my bathrobe – you know, trying to figure out why the crazy lady thinks her invisible friend needs to go potty so bad that she can’t be bothered to put on pants for the occasion.

Now I seem to recall promising a prize for the best name…and since we didn’t use any of the (very awesome, thank you guys!) suggestions I decided to use my fancy-schmancy number generator thingy (not RR this time since he read the comments) and choose a winner.  Numbers were entered and one was spit out…the winner is *drumroll*

Jessica aka Zarzuela Knits!

Please send me your address and I’ll get your super-de-duper prize out to you ASAP :o)

Thanks to everyone for playing!   I’m going back to monitoring puppy progress (we’re 70% potty trained at this point…I hope soon the light bulb will go on and she’ll realize that going IN FRONT of the door does NOT constitute a ‘good potty’) *sigh*

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20 thoughts on “Ah the suspense is killing you…

  1. cute cute cute! and when you get done potty training her, i’ve got the poulette who is need of some potty training so just pop on over ;o)

  2. Great name. Seems to fit her perfectly. I had a Jazzy once myself, so I’m totally partial. Honestly thought Ms. Cranky-pants is the one that cracked me up today.

  3. “that she can’t be bothered to put on pants for the occasion.” OMG! I just spewed coffee all over the screen. HAHAHAHAHAH! Hilarious. I have a very clear picture in my head and its much more funny than it probably is for you.

  4. Huh! Am I missing something? Where’s the “start with a ‘k’ sound and end with an ‘a’ sound”?

    Oh well, she is a cutie!

  5. That’s a great name for her! It seems to fit. And OMG THANK YOU! I’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly. :) You made my day!

  6. She looks like a Jazz or Jazzy. Poor, woeful and “forgotten” Beanie! I’ll bet that in her bitter valley of self-pity she’s thinking things like, “I go potty where I’m supposed to” and “Annoying little usurper is in my spot”. At least Beanie hasn’t resorted to naughty behavior yet to gain more attention back. They are both so cute!

  7. Yell over to the construction workers that they’re lucky you put on a robe.

    You’re so picky. In front of the door is THIS CLOSE to being right. Sheesh.

    Nice name. Maybe Beanie is jealous of the name?

  8. She’s adorable! And I love the name. As for the construction workers thinking you’re insane — you are, aren’t you? Aren’t we all? Even just a tiny bit? You just happen not to be insane in the way they think you’re insane, but that’s really just a trivial detail, right?

  9. Jazz is a great name!
    Her photos are too cute.
    Love the one of her listening – she is so teensy, tinesy – she makes Cranky Pants look big.
    Good luck with the potty training – my memory of that time has faded…

  10. Puppy? Gawd, I really am out of the loop! Cute, cute, cute, cute!!!

    And I love the facial expression on Beanie……..that’s just so “bella-like”.

    Congratulations on your new baby! AND Happy Birthday!!!!!!

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